Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marvelous Maggie is Three

Maggie is three!!! I honestly can't believe my youngest is three whole years old -- seems highly unbelievable. She continues to stun, amaze, and delight our family. She wanted all "princess" party...which was something new to me...and it took a whole lot of getting used to. We were at friends house until 11:30 the night before (yes....winning the parenting award...the problem when you are friends with amazing families who have amazing kids that entertain your kids) so when Maggie woke up her hair was everywhere and she was a bit out of sorts. When I got home from work however, she had rallied and was wearing her princess dress. Dear lord. She a wonderful dinner with my mom, Grandpa Gordon, Aunt Brookie, Judy (Brooke's mother in law), and BEST OF ALL - her BEST FRIEND....Oskie. Heaven.

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