Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping our Day Jobs

One night in Hawaii there was a "Presidential Ball". As "el presidente" and "first lady" (what we have been calling my mom and dad for the past year), my parents were in charge of the planning. A friend of my father's (a fellow surgeon) Wright Pinson brought his band, the Soul Incisions -from Nashville, for entertainment. Dr. Pinson requested that my sisters, myself and my mom serve as "back up dancers" when they played RESPECT by Aretha Franklin. Needless to say, we were a bit nervous. My sisters and I decided to get some courage through having a LONG happy hour beforehand. My brother-in-law managed to get some footage of our performance....not gonna lie to you...I snorted multiple times watching this. For any of you that know Katie, you will be as surprised as Jenny, my mom and I are about her sudden, flamboyant nature. Guess it was all those ballet performances? Hysterical.


We just got back from a once in a lifetime trip. My dad was President of the Pacific Coast Surgical Association this year and the annual meeting was in Maui. At the meeting my dad gave a presidential address (a phenomenal!! speech focused on humanitarianism) and they had a presidential ball. Since we are part of the "first family" we had to go to support was all about him....
IT WAS HEAVEN. We got to stay at the Ritz Carlton (mental note...need to buy a lottery ticket as I could live that lifestyle...thanks Joanie and Jimbo). My sister's families came, so it was one big party. Henry loved the pool and beach, but most enjoyed the golf course (we played three days in row!), tennis and basketball court. Francie loved the pool, playtime with the cousins...but NOT the beach. She wouldn't put her feet on the sand. I tried to put her down and she maintained a "boat" position of holding her feet in the air for over ten minutes. Core workout? By the way, yes - that is a ballet tutu bathing suit. It was classic to see pistol strut around in such a "girlie" bathing suit. Hysterical.

At one point during the trip, I got emotional and very quiet (we all know that is rare) and Henry asked me what was wrong. When I told him that I was just really proud of Papa and all that he had accomplished and that this meeting represented the culmination of his career he grew very quiet himself. We walked a few steps. He then looked up at me, with the most sincere eyes, and asked "Mom, what is a career?".