Sunday, March 30, 2014

Basketball Banquet

Henry had his banquet for basketball. It was for all the other teams that are from our club- including the girls. I am a little skeptical of how much pressure and intensity people put on kids sports nowadays, but I have to say I thought the banquet was cool. Each coach said something special about each kid, no MVP or awards were given out, and they had a speaker talk to the kids about work ethic and having fun. We feel VERY, VERY lucky that Henry had such a tremendous experience and such a wonderful coach. We are very proud of him. He worked hard, learned a ton, and is becoming a wonderful player who genuinely enjoys the sport. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Refined 39 Bday

Mark turned 39. I must say, I continue to be honored to have him has a my husband -- he is such an incredible person, father and husband. I HEART HIM. This year my sister let us stay in her place in Hood River so we could celebrate in one of our favorite places. Hood River put on a good show for us...GORGEOUS weather and amazing food and beer. We only got to stay one night as Frances had her final game and we were running the Shamrock Run on Sunday am. That said, we managed to squeeze in a magical hike that we got to see all three mountains - PERFECTION.  We played at the park two times and got to have lunch at the new Solstice restaurant. Gordon was able to come too. Pretty much a perfect weekend celebrating a pretty awesome dude.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


This week has been gorgeous. We couldn't resist -- dinner was needed on the deck....even if we did have to wear our coats.

End of an AWESOME year of Basketball

This was Henry's first year of club basketball. I had to admit I was nervous. The tryouts were INTENSE. I was nervous about the pressure on him, the level of play, the other parents. Thankfully, we got an AWESOME coach that was incredible with Henry and taught him SO much and he had wonderful teammates.  Henry was very lucky to have his cousins and Aunt Brookie and Oskie there to cheer him on in his final weekend of play. I am actually sad the season is over....even though having one day off on the weekend will be nice...for two weeks...and then Spring soccer starts.  

Cousins are Cool

My sister Jenny was originally supposed to go to NYC for Spring Break. That said, it was supposed to be colder in NYC than in Anchorage and she couldn't take it. SO...lucky us...they came to Portland instead. The kids and I took Friday off and we all went to the Evergreen water park. AWESOME. I didn't really get any pictures - WAY TOO MUCH fun. I love those kids so much and had so much fun with my sister. NEED. TO. WIN. I can buy a Jet.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lunch with Papa

My parents leave tonight for a long trip that involves going to Africa. It is rough. We had a special lunch date with Papa.

PJ Day at School

It was PJ day at school. It is adorable and awesome how excited the kids (and teachers) get to wear to PJs to school all day. Henry and Frances wore matching Sports PJs -- holla.