Friday, July 24, 2009

I Heart Camp Counselors

Henry went to camp at the Zoo this week. Sunday night he was FULL of anxiety because at the Zoo Camp they have all the kids wear the same t-shirt to keep track of them. The t-shirt had no number on it. DISASTER. We came up with a solution of wearing a number shirt to camp drop off, putting on the camp shirt at drop off, placing DUCK TAPE with a number on it, and then when he got out, he could put the number shirt back on. Yes...this is my life. The camp counselors, Katie - in particular, LOVED it. When they learned that Henry knew all the Blazer's numbers and that often his number was because of a person on the team, they thought the whole thing was even more hysterical. Katie -- his favorite counselor - asked him to wear #5 for the last day for Rudy. This was a dilemma because Henry doesn't wear numbers less than 7...again, yes, this is my life. So this morning he wakes me up and tells me "I have come up with a good option, how about I wear 5/11 on my shirt...that way I can wear 5 for Katie but have 11 for me. When we arrived all the counselors started cheering and giggling for Henry....we couldn't figure out why. Then out comes Katie with duck tape on her shirt and the number 5. No joke. I snorted I laughed so hard and Henry had a smile so big and full of pride that I thought he was going to burst. All he could say was "Oh Katie! You are Rudy!". Gotta love people like Katie who so bless our kids lives. Still smiling....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July in Manzanita


We were lucky enough to go to Grandma's beach house in Manzanita for 4th of July. We are hoping to make it an annual tradition. It was surreal going to the parade in town as we were there last year...with a three week old baby and all the cousins. Francie has changed just a bit. Rather than sleeping through the entire parade, she tried to burst through the crowds and be in joke. She is already practicing her "rose parade" wave. Grandma was in town and let Mark and I go out on the town...of Manzanita...for a night. We hit two places...the wine bar and the local animals.
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