Friday, March 29, 2013

Beach Vacation

For our last day we decided to go to a ton of beaches, play lots of outside games, and stop at one small aquarium (Birch) in La Jolla. We went to Solana Beach, where we lived in San Diego when I was a kid. Holy moly had it changed. There is an amazing park there now that was perfect for the kids. Frances got some sweet shades that she now refuses to take off. A perfect last full day for our vacation.

LEGOLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013

The main attraction of our 2013 Spring Break trip was an adventure to Legoland. I personally was thrilled as last time we were there I was pregnant with Maggie and didn't get to go on the rides. The weather was perfect and the kids were in heaven. 

Replay of my childhood

My mom's college roommate remains one of her best friends. She had three girls that are of similar ages to me and my sisters and we grew up together, always making sure to see each other at least once a year. Now they have kids too and I stayed with Nancy and her wonderful family until Mark and Henry arrived from SD. We had SO much. The kids had so much fun....just like we did when we were little. Amazing to see the circle of life. The first few days Frances was THRILLED to have two boys to play with...all to herself. I will post the video of them doing a dance party (again....just like we used to do). HILARIOUS. 

I heart spring in PDX

One of my favorite spring time runs ....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish

We had a top ten St Patty's day....a little busy...but wonderful! Mark and I woke early to run the 15K Shamrock Run. Neither of us really trained a lot, so I feared it may hurt a bit. That said, the weather was INCREDIBLE and amazingly we had a wonderful time and both didn't feel bad. Wondering how tomorrow will go. Next, we rushed home and showered and Mark went to golf with my dad and I got to take the girls to Frances's soccer practice while Henry was at CCD. Frances and sports is just awesome. She was about 10X more serious about soccer than any other kid.  At night, we got to go to parents country club for St Patrick's day dinner with wonderful food and an incredible celtic band....that I am pretty sure was at our wedding. We even got Frances to wear a dress...with pants underneath. Luck of the Irish. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sonoma for Grown Ups

About a month ago a friend from college wrote and asked if we would join them (they live in Baltimore) in Sonoma for the weekend. Sure, I said, half joking and asked my mom who was sitting next to me if she would take care of the kids. Sure, she said, we are actually home. And so that is how it went....a very unexpected, last minute trip to Sonoma. It was bliss. The weather was amazing. Our friends, Paul and Jenn, are SUPER into wine and got us into all these amazing wineries, and we had an ADULT weekend away. It is amazing how you can just reconnect with someone after all these years...we knew Paul before we were even old enough to legally drink....ACK! We even got to see Mark's sister Katie.  A really, really special treat.  Thanks mom and dad for making it so easy for us to get away, knowing our kids were in heaven with Grandma and Papa.