Friday, October 21, 2016

Thorns Heartbreak

Our whole family is obsessed with the Thorns - a professional womens soccer team in Portland. There are a number of US Womens Soccer Team members on the team and they are incredible to watch. I bought tickets to the semi-final game and took Frances. OVER 20,000 people there to watch and cheer on the Thorns. I feel so blessed to live in a city with a young daughter who thinks it is normal (which is should be) for that that kind of turn out for a woman's sport. It was an amazing game....and SO HEARTBREAKING. Devastating. Frances got lucky and got a ticket for the autographs after...but honestly, I just felt horrible for all the players who had to go through the motions. Half of them were crying as they signed autographs. Such an amazing group of women with so much class. I can't wait to cheer them on next season.

Maroon Five

My kids LOVE the voice. Joanie LOVES the voice. So, when Maroon Five (Adam Levine is on the Voice) tickets came out, my mom bought tickets and planned to take the kids...and then her whole Fall trip happend. Shucks. Guess mom gets to take the kids. We had so much fun...minus the annoying girl in the opening bad and her obsession with hair flipping. Weird to be at a stage in my parenting where my kids are the people I would CHOOSE to go to a concert with and have a fun time with. The kids are currently obsessed with this whole water bottle throwing thing and practiced in between each of the bands. Lord help me.

Doggie Tooth Fairy

Maggie had a snaggle tooth...for weeks. It was cute at first...and then you wanted to pull out her tooth. That said, the weird thing was that while it was completely crooked, it was not very loose. After dropping the kids off at soccer we took Mac to the dog park. Maggie loves the dog park and all the dogs. As she was reaching to pet another, Mac went to give her a love bump...and his head hit her chin...and out popped the tooth. AT THE DOG PARK. She was traumatized, then excited, and then immediately asked if the tooth fairy would be a dog, given she lost her tooth at a dog park.

Sending her ass retirement

My parents left for 5 weeks, a good portion of which involved hiking in dozens of miles a day. I have to say, taking my mom to the airport was highly emotional. I have a sense that adventure trips like this are limited for my dad with his difficulty walking and so it felt like a bit trip-- like a monumental trip celebrating what is he is able to do now. Oddly it felt like I was taking to her college, and it took all I had to not cry and just tell her I love her and how proud I am of her as they leaped into a very fun, but gritty experience. I am so proud of  my parents. I am so honored I got them for my parents. They inspire me.

MJ Personation

Mac's impersonation of Michael Jordan is wicked.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Outdoor School

A big part of 6th grade is going to Outdoor School....which means being away from home Sunday-Friday. Henry was nothing but thrilled and so excited...even though most of his friends were not going with him on this adventure - they were at different camps. I was so excited for him...but knew I would miss him. By mid week my heart literally ached. I am so not going to handle college at well. Maggie on the the other hand barely let Henry out the door before she tried to take over his room.   As a sign of success and how much he loved the week, on the way home I asked him if he was excited to be home and his response was "I kind of wish I could have stayed there for four more days". Alrighty then.

For his return back home, we had his favorite dinner, watched the Voice, and had chocolate cake. After tucking in the other kids and spending an hour next to him in his bed and hearing all about camp....when I went to sleep....the world finally felt right again.

Year of Balance

I decided to kick off my 41st bday with a run in one of my favorite places - the arboretum. With the crisp Fall air starting and the leaves starting to change - bliss. My goal for this years is BALANCE what better way to remind myself of it than to be around BIG trees. It was great day...solo run, short hike with kids and lunch, soccer game, and then a Kinder Party.

One my favorite gifts was my card from Henry.