Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving at Gerties this year. She didn't want to leave her place and Gordon just got out of the hospital, so it was a nice, laid back holiday. The kids were oohed and aahed over and the clean up was significantly less. I even got to take a nap after turkey brunch....bliss. My favorite part was watching Frances drink her orange juice out of her wine glass --- hilarious -- and slightly scary in that I feel like it might be foreshadowing.

Turkey Trot 2011

Annual tradition is to run on Thanksgiving morning before the gluttony begins! This year was extra special because 1) It didn't rain, 2) I got to run by myself and not push the stroller up the hills and MOST importantly 3) I got to run with one my favorite friends Annemarie (who is home from Hong Kong). It was awesome.

Then Mark and the kids joined us so that the they could do the Tot Trot. Frances and Henry rocked it and they loved the prizes they received at the end (chocolate turkey and candy cane). Why do they always end athletic events for kids with bad food?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Glowing Greens

Henry had no school today, so we decided to have a date. We decided to go an indoor mini-golf course....that is in the dark....and pirate themed. Argh. We were both VERY happy that Frances wasn't on the date as she would have been petrified. That said, it was really funny and Henry was in heaven. He did a mean pirate impersonation on top of sinking some balls. Maggie didn't know what to think about it...but attempted to get snot on a skeleton and grab Henry's hair whenever it was within reach.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Power Girls Weekend in Manzanita

Our lovely friend Erin was in town from Alameda and we had a girls night at the Maggie.The drive alone was a blast, having time to catch up with my friend Sheri.  It was an awesome night/day with some incredible women. We ate, drank, and a laughed (requirement of all girls weekends...right?). Today was surreal in terms of the weather at the beach and our morning runs were filled sunlight and incredible views along the coast......I also got hit my a frisbee....seriously, my luck.I love girlfriends.  Maggie made sure to put on a good show so that she can continue to go with me places -- she was all smiles all weekend and everyone got their baby fix in for the weekend.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cinco de Maggie

 Hello drool......

Miss Maggie Moo is five months old. This has been a big month. She is sitting, drooling, teething (she has her first two teeth), and creating a lot of snot. I call it the "No...Sleep...For Mama" stage (hope Beastie Boys is playing in the back of your head right now, as that is what I chant it too). Thankfully she is a joyful baby during the day and as cute as a button, balancing it all out and keeping me head over heels in love with her. She continues to be VERY verbal and loves her birdie mobile -- she and the birds have had some serious girl talk. I can't wait until her babble is converted to words and I understand what they have been talking about all this time. 

Henry at five months:

Francie at 5 Months:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lantern Walk

Frances's school has an annual tradition of the "Lantern Walk" through the Arboretum to celebrate the beginning of Winter. The kids make the lanterns, learn a song about "light", and you hike through the Arboretum in the dark night. Usually, it is really neat because in the thick darkness all you can see are the scattered lights of the lanterns, each representing a wonderful person in their school.

This year it rained.

We were  not prepared for rain.

Three wet kids in the rain = happy times.

Attached are pictures taken...before the rain. The little girl is one of Francie's favorite friends at school.