Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arthur Arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Brookie her perfect, amazing and wonderful little boy Arthur this weekend. I had the honor and privilege of helping out with her son and taking him to meet his brother in the hospital. I will never forget that special moment. Since my kids see Brookie as their aunt and her kids as their cousin, they could NOT WAIT to meet the little man. Each insisted on holding him. Henry was slightly annoyed when he had to hand over the baby to Brookie's dad - who had not held his own grandson. I told Mark that I was happy that the prospects of Henry giving me a lot of grandchildren was high.

Golf Date with my Sweet Son

I am getting more into golf.... and well Henry loves golf...so he and I went on a golf date. Originally we were just going to hit balls and then ended up playing a whole nine holes. It was so special to have the quiet time with him to just connect and talk and walk along a gorgeous course. It also brought up a bunch of memories of playing with Andrew.

Farmers Market Again!

The field trip reminded me how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Farmers Market in downtown PDX. That said, Saturday's are usually filled with soccer and so I don't have a chance to go. This Saturday our games were later, so the girls had a "Date" to farmers market. Again- BLISS.

Maggie's First Field Trip

Maggie had her first field trip with her school to the Farmers Market in downtown PDX.  I signed up as soon as it opened. Really, really bad timing with work BUT it is such an awesome experience that I got to do with Henry and Frances - I HAD to make it work. Maggie wore the same jacket Frances did when she went on the field trip. I got chaperone Maggie and her best friend in class. BLISS. I so heart three year olds.

What Frances looked like

Let the Plays Begin!

We had so much last year going to plays at NWCT and OCT that we decided to become members....to both! We had our first play - Sherlock Holmes. So awesome. My favorite part was at the end the kids have the chance to get autographs from cast members. Maggie only wanted one...of a character with a VERY small part, but Maggie said "She has beautiful, curly hair and a lovely bow, I want her signature". Lord help us.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Annual Trip to Hood River

Every October the kids have a day of school. We have made it a tradition that it is a mama adventure day where we go to Hood River to get pumpkins & apples.....and I get growlers of nummy beer. This year Brookie and Oskie came too - which is like a WONDERFUL present for me and a WONDERFUL present for the kiddos. It was 77 degrees..... YES - summer weather in Fall.....I am not complaining...but there was some sweating involved.

I say it every time...but Hood River is MAGICAL. I love it, love it, love it. One of my favorite parts of fall.  Anyone who wants to contribute to my Hood River home fund is more than welcome :)

Soccer Saturdays

This is what Saturdays look like in our house...Soccer for Frances....where she is seriously amazing to watch...and Maggie playing with friends....Henry records a play by play on his Itouch (sportscaster is currently in the running for future job)...Sunday Frances had her first CCD class to prepare for 1st communion next year... her comment of what she is thankful for from God...and that is centered on soccer...was HILARIOUS to me.

Biking on the Columbia

I was in Alaska for my birthday. I don't like to be away from my family....but I did get to be with my sister and her kids, so it was pretty good. When I got home, Mark picked me up and we went straight to a trail along the river for a bike ride. SO FUN. We followed it by nummy Italian food and yummy beer....pretty good birthday celebration.

Mama Mondays

As I transition to this new phase of parenting with three kiddos in a school setting, I have been trying to identify ways to get "my fill" of my kiddos. Monday's late afternoons have become "Mama Days". If it is sunny= hiking. Rainy= library.  Given the insanely awesome Fall, we have been hiking all the times...but one... and the library adventure MAY have included a trip to the bakery across the street. It is now becoming one of my favorite times of the week. My time, my kiddos, in this city that I just adore .........JOY.