Saturday, May 12, 2018

Portland Night Market

Brookie had a great idea to meet up at the Portland Night Market...early....before all the "young kids" arrive for the party scene.

It was really cool. Really neat crafts, awesome food, and........LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were in heaven and got a double kiss....from LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

State Cup Champions

State Cup soccer in Oregon is a big deal and it was so exciting that Frances's team made it.

In the am I called from Charleston and she said she was a bit nervous. They had lost to the team before.

Well.....apparently the girls had the game of their lifetime. Frances scored the first goal and it was 3:1 at half. The game ended 5:2. Frances scored two goals and three other girls scored...which is awesome! The defense apparently was incredible and our goalie had the best game of her life. 

I was sitting in a park in Charleston eagerly awaiting the seven different texts from seven different people that i would get with each development. I may have cried with pride when I heard Frances scored and I may have did a little jump in the air when I heard the won.

So happy for her team and her coaches. They worked really hard.

Charleston, SC for the Weekend

We took Whisher to Charleston SC for a birthday celebration weekend. It is her first birthday without her mom and her mom always wanted to go there, so we thought it was a perfect trip. She brought two of her best friends from home who have been a great support to her. The town is SO adorable, the food was incredible, we had some awesome IPAs, and we had Whisher laughing and dancing the whole weekend. Perfect.

Semi-Final to State Cup

Frances's team got the wild card slot and made it to the state cup semi-finals. Maggie decided to up her game....and invite her cheer squad to perform at half time. Only two girls were able to join, but they 'BROUGHT IT". Henry introduced them.

The game was SO exciting and went to overtime.

FC won. 

On to the finals.

In the post game talk the coach even thanked the cheer squad. Pretty cute.

Now on to practice every day to prepare for the Finals.

Thankfully, they were gorgeous nights.

The last pic is Maggie with Francie's asst. coach.

You think she likes her?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Best Present for His 13 Bday.

About two weeks before Henry's bday, Janis (our nanny for the 1st nine and half years of our life) asked if Henry was going to the Timbers game on the weekend of his birthday.

I asked why....and she said she had a surprise.

The surprise ended up being a phone call and FANTASTIC offer from John Strong -- one of Henry's idols. Henry wants to be a sportscaster and John is about as good as it gets. Janis is good friends with John's mom -- friends in good places :)

He called the Monday before his birthday on my cell phone. A stunned Henry couldn't believe the phone call and when John asked him to come early to the Sunday Timbers game to see the behind scenes action, Henry immediately started crying with joy. He spent the next six days SO excited and so enamored with the opportunity.

We got there at 1PM and he took us through the executive suites. He introduced us to everyone, introducing Henry as 13 years old and the next sportscaster in ten years. We met all these TV and radio personalities ..which was surreal as we felt like we already knew them and John introduced to him so players.

The best part was that he was really focused on sharing with Henry what it took to get to where he is and what is job is really about. 

He talked through his path to how he got to where he is. He showed Henry all of his notes, his process, and even showed us the starting line up -- which was not yet public and had some big changes in it.

Then he took us out to the big huge truck on the side and showed us everything that is in it and the back end technology you have to know about the team you work with. 

He told henry the things he wanted him to work on and the next steps to take and said that he should keep in touch and that next time - he would like Henry in the booth up with him for the entire game.

To say that Henry's head was spinning with excitement and ideas for what he could to try and make his dream a reality is an understatement.

John is such a stellar and amazing person and it was just incredible.

Such a great way to kick off his teenage years-- he is so lucky.

I was so amazed and in awe.....I completely forgot to take ANY picture. Oh well, it allowed me to fully absorb the moment and the images will be stuck in my heart and mind forever.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Ever since Spring Break and the start of nice weather in Oregon, Henry has transitioned to "golf season" and wants to golf ALL. THE. TIME.  IF nice, on the days Frances has soccer, Henry will take the school bus downtown and meet Mark and they will head out for round before sunset. He has declared he wants to spend all day on the course three days a week in the summer. #golfgoals.

Ears Piercing

Maggie has been asking to get her ears pierced for a year and half.

Finally I stopped and really thought about why I was saying no.  I couldn't really come up with very good rational, science based decision.

So, while Henry and his friends were golfing we went to a piercing and tatoo studio. was called the Black Hole. They are regulated by the State health department and I had the holes end up being so much smaller and a significantly lower infection rate.

The week before Maggie told anyone with a heart beat she was getting her ear pierced. ANYONE -- we didn't need to know who they were.

The experience was comical and we will both remember it.

Mateo - the piercer - was super earnest, serious, and very funny with Maggie.

They look beautiful - no swelling and she is happy as a clam.

In the week since, she has told anyone with a heart beat that she HAS her ears pierced.

The girl cracks me up.

We. Have. A. Teenager. WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

Henry turned 13.

Yes, 13.

How is possible that we have a teenager?

Crazy. In classic Henry fashion, he had the normal sleepover, but then had a day of "golf and sports" extravaganza. Soccer Golf, mini-golf, and then a series of brackets and games he had orchestrated for the house.

I adore the group of friends he invited to the house -- I had fun and was kind of sad to see a group of 13 year old boys leave that house. That is a good thing.  One of the sweetest parts is that he wanted Frances to come too as "She is my best friend". Sweet times.

Fun Run 2018

The kids has their annual fun run and the sun came in just in time.  I only got to watch Maggie as I had a meeting to run to in Wilsonville. Maggie is just a joy bomb. The whole time she was running, when she would pass me, she would just flash this big huge grin. I mean really, what more can I ask for?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Our Amazing Sketch Artist

We always leave Thank You cards for my parents for letting us stay in San Diego and this year Henry's was really cool.

At the San Diego Farmers Market we saw an artist that did cool art that incorporated shapes and words. We ended up getting two prints for Henry for an early birthday. He was inspired. This morning he came to breakfast with a creation he made last night....a map of the US....with the capitals of each state. I LOVE it. I want to frame it.