Friday, April 6, 2018

Our Amazing Sketch Artist

We always leave Thank You cards for my parents for letting us stay in San Diego and this year Henry's was really cool.

At the San Diego Farmers Market we saw an artist that did cool art that incorporated shapes and words. We ended up getting two prints for Henry for an early birthday. He was inspired. This morning he came to breakfast with a creation he made last night....a map of the US....with the capitals of each state. I LOVE it. I want to frame it.

Easter 2018

We got in on Saturday night before Easter Sunday.

I told the kids -- no baskets this year. There was no need for  the candy and mayhem.

We went to church and then headed to the easter egg hunt at the club.

Maggie participated.

She found the one and only golden egg and proceeded to get two baskets of candy...guess Karma had something else to say.....

It was a lovely brunch with Gordon and my mom....but it was really cold by the end of brunch and no family pics were taken :(

Baby Lover

While we were waiting to board our flight a family parked their bags across from us. We were VERY intently watching the March Madness game. Half time came. I noticed the baby was ADORABLE. Within seconds, Henry walked over and starting playing with the baby and then Frances followed. My heart may have melted.


We went to the beach in front of Hotel Del Coronado. TOP TEN. The beaches are white when dry and then have gold specs in them where it is wet. The waves are great. Interesting aircraft fly overhead. It is just a top ten beach....and then you can go to Coronado brewing and get a Coconut IPA afterwards...Yes. Please.


We had our annual San Diego Cousin night. Maggie wore her cheerleading outfit there, she wanted to show them her routine. The kids ended up doing performances for us...including a cutie eating contest between Henry and Jack. It was HILARIOUS.

Runs in San Diego = Bliss

This year I got to get in a lot of fun runs...the waterfront....balboa park. I was listening to Maya Angelou's book about her mom for most of my runs. Gotta say sun + running + maya = heaven.

These are just some of the sights from my runs.

Padre Home Opener

The Padres had a home opener when we were there at 1PM. We thought it would be a fun experience for the kids given we have never been to a baseball game together....what.... a sporting event we don't normally go to...what is that?!?!?!?!

It was SUPER fun and the seats were very cool....although they scared henry. That said..holy drunk catching a theme here?

Cardiff by The Sea

We had to make our annual trek to the kids FAVORITE beach -- Cardiff by the sea. This year we had our soccer tennis, football and all sorts of fun. I had to work while there, but it was fun as I was reading super interesting work material and I mean....what a great view......

Zoo and Golfing...not Together

Henry is currently obsessed with golfing. So two days, Mark and Henry went golfing while the girls and I played.

One day we went to the Zoo. A-MAZ-ING. The animals were incredible and the girls had such stamina -- we walked the entire thing!!!!!!!!!!! They LOVED the gondola...which when we took henry has a kid he was so scared that he almost puked.So different than the last time we were there with strollers, snacks, and naptimes to consider.