Sunday, May 1, 2016

Baptism to Communion - A lot Growing in my baby girl :)

Frances's First Communion

Frances had her first communion. She worked really hard for this important milestone and she was so proud of herself and REALLY excited...minus having to drink wine...which she declared "WAS DISGUSTING". She has done two years of classes with her good friend Samantha, so it was fun to see them make this rite of passage together. Frances was also SUPER lucky to have both of her godparents in town for her special day - It meant so much to her and to our family that they both made it there for her. We picked some good folks :) We then had a party at the house and even Aunt Brookie and the boys game. Bliss.

My Baby + Kinder Round Up = Lump in My Throat

Maggie has her kinder round up at school. She was so excited, it was hard not to have a huge smile on her face. She walked quite proudly up to the door, saw a friend, and sat down and started to work. What happened to my baby? The best part was Henry pretended he had to go to the bathroom so he could see her in the classroom, since he won't be at that school next year. Sniffle. Sniffle.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Henry's 11th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On April 21st, that was the number of days I have been blessed to be a mom to sweet and incredible Henry. While there may have been moments that were hard, I have been SO THANKFUL, every single day that I get to be a mom and that we get to parent the wonderful and incredible soul and human being that we have in Henry.

The finite time that we get our children at home is VERY palpable to me as Henry's is soon to graduate from grade school and Maggie is soon to enter it. Vomit. 

So, we decided to play a mama and kids "hooky day" for his birthday. Thankfully, the weather was spectacular and played along with our plans. Per Henry's choice, we went miniature golfing for 36 holes...and each got a hole in one!!...and then had lunch at a soccer themed pub- 4 4 2.

We ended the night with a special dinner with the grandpas and homemade pasta. 

As parents, we unconditionally love our children. That said, I 100% like and admire Henry. He is a person that I want to be around as he is smart, funny, compassionate, kind, inquisitive, and insightful. I really do adore my sweet little firstborn, I am eternally grateful.

Hiking with These Hams

The weather remained nice ...and very we took to evening walks with Mac on Wildwood. Maggie and Frances are hilarious on these hikes... in their own world...which is really fun to watch...and then I get time to walk and talk with Henry. 

Thorns Home Opener

Frances and I got to go to the Thorns home opener. It was pretty exciting as the Thorns recruited a number of really exciting players who are on the national team or who are from Europe. The weather was glorious and it is just so fun to see a stadium full and cheering from women. Go Title Nine. Tobin Heath is my personal favorite player and so I was VERY excited that our seats were right in front of where she took many corner fun!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Braces for Frances

Frances got braces AND a quad helix on the roof of her mouth. She is so incredibly brave and has shown such resiliency in how she has adjusted. She also seems SO much older. I am not gonna lie, I had a lump in my throat the whole way home looking at her in the rear view mirror - she looked years older already. Time. Stop. Now. 

Spring Adventures with Mac

This Spring weather has been MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!! especially with a sweet dog that we get to walk. Here are some glimpses of our glorious down and glorious dog.

Maggie Author Celebration

Maggie's school had their wonderful author celebration. 

It is the wonderful event they do to support literacy and writing in preschools - in all the magnificent forms that exist. 

Our wonderful and thoughtful nanny Natalie also came to support Maggie - so incredibly kind and I think it meant a lot to Maggie.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Comparison

Just for fun, I thought I would compare our Easter pics over the years since we have been going to the same place for brunch.  Pretty amazing to see the growth and change in our family.