Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cathedral Park with the Cousins

Jenny and her family are in Hood River. Given I needed to work and we have vacation, we couldn't drive out to see her, so they were nice enough to drive in and meet is in St Johns. I love this up and evolving neighborhood. We went to this wonderful food cart village they have with amazing food carts, beer and a short walk to Cathedral Park. So fun! The kids played baseball and Maggie, Katie and Charlie swam in the river.

Annemarie and Francesco

My dear and amazing friend Annemarie came home for a couple of weeks with her oldest child, she has three, before she has fourth in September. It is amazing how we can't see each other for years and then just start back where we left off. She is a light that I love to be around...which is partly why she is Maggie's godmother. She was very sweet and wanted a "date" with maggie and took her to Jamison park, and then I met them for dinner at Pine Street. Yum. She brought presents from Thailand, including an elephant statue...which was PERFECT for Maggie given she loves elephants and an owl purse...something she also loves!!! I am thinking we need to go visit Annemarie......

Another summer weekend, another summer soccer tournament

We are starting to get in the groove with two kids in competitive soccer and two tournaments at once. Thankfully, we really like both teams and both sets of parents...and to watch soccer! Plus, Portland has not had rain in five this watching soccer in no rain is quite bliss. Maggie is also a trooper...most of the time....She find a way to make lots of friends on the sidelines or entertain herself. I loved this picture of Henry leading his warm ups. I heard him give instructions "Lift your leg up in the direction of my sister and then extend out". So cute. Both kids made it the championships and Frances's team one. She had one game at 8PM that didn't get done until 9:30.... the burger was a fun reward :)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth of July 2017

Our annual tradition of being in the parade with Brookie's family continues!!!! It was bit different this year as Brookie's dad and my parents were not there....which felt weird....but we had a fantastic and wonderful time. It is a great annual event that makes you realize how much older the kids are. Each year I feel like they embrace and get more excited about the parade. This year Henry and his friend Ian added a trick of juggling their soccer balls. After we went to Brookie's dad's house and played in the river, rode the boat, and watched Mac swim...and swim....and swim....and swim. It was hilarious. I absolutely love this annual tradition.

Post Party at Brookie's Dad's house on the river...aka....Mac Playzone....

Magical Night Before 4th of July

The last few years the night before 4th of July has been magical. The weather amazing, the sunset spectacular, and we have had a bonfire. Summer bliss. This year did not disappoint.