Thursday, July 12, 2018

Caddie for Papa

My dad is in a golf tournament and asked Henry to be his caddie. HE LOVED IT. He said he really enjoyed talking and hanging out with all of Papa's friends and he loved helping them by telling them about the green, how far out they were, and other nerdy golf facts that Henry loves. I treasure these times he gets to have with him.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Day at Hug Point

The day after 4th of July Mark had to work and Henry wanted to play as many rounds of golf as possible. So, the girls and I went for an adventure to hug point. I love that place. We went at low tide so we could explore the caves and all the sea life. So magical.

4th of July 2018

We had another great 4th of July in Manzanita. The weather was weird, threatening to shower, when the original forecast has been for sun. But the parade was hilarious as ever and the crowds seemed larger than normal. It is fun to see the kids and their roles enhance as they get older. As Henry has entered teenager-hood, he is now bringing friends. There was no room for Brookie and me, so we followed behind carrying candy....and then folks thought that we were our on "display" and noted that we would get "our steps in today". Hilarious.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

U20 Ball Girl

Frances's team was invited to be ball girls for the US Women's National Team, Under 20, Match against Brazil. Frances jumped at the opportunity to see the best of the best at that age range, many of which will play in the world cup in five years. They played Brazil. There was a very cool flag ceremony at the beginning. I was shocked I had seen no press on it. Turns out - they didn't want fans there, they just wanted to play an intense set of friendlies. Super amazing and incredible experience.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fire Pit is Open

We have been trying to figure out ways to get our family out to the backyard more. It is beautiful and amazing, but the grass and path have been a bit destroyed by water from our neighbor and we can't get it fixed. So....we set up a fire pit and had our first smores night. SO MUCH FUN. I am looking forward to a lot of fun times out there this summer.

Henry's First Art Commission

I had shared some of Henry's art work and a friend reached out to commission a piece. His first commission....and a chance to earn money!

She asked for a map of the national parks.

It was a great experience. He had to learn how to negotiate, research and plan. He earned 50.00 and we are going to open a checking account so he can start to learn that side of things.

He is growing up...sniffle sniffle.

He wants to do a couple more and then maybe set up an ETSY site.

Maggie is Seven

Our wonderful and incredible Maggie is seven.

Talk about feeling lucky -- Maggie is what I call a "joy and love bomb" . It is impossible to not smile or feel love when you are around Maggie. 

She is so empathetic, funny, curious and thoughtful.

She loves to read, dance, cheer, play soccer, and do anything with her brother and sister.

She loves Mac and all animals and still swears she wants to be a vet.

She is slightly addictive to be around and has a set of "Friends" on every sideline of every event her siblings participate.

On  her bday we got to go to Ramen with Aunt Brookie and her boys -- which made Maggie very happy.

Then, this last sunday we took a couple of her friends for a pool/fairy playdate.

Frances is Double Digits

Frances is double digits!!!!!!

We had a fun night at Benihana - such a hilarious experience.

Henry was gone, but beforehand he made Frances of amazing female athletes from each state. She loved it.

Frances is just an incredible person and such a gift to the universe. We feel thankful everyday that we get to be her parents. She has so much grit paired with compassion and smart sense. She is so balanced and practical. She has such a pure heart. She has an amazing ability to steer clear of people and situation that are not healthy for her -- no drama for Frances. I admire her and look up to her.

Seattle and Soccer

I had a work meeting and Frances has had soccer tournament in Seattle...or so we was actually in Tacoma, which is an hour away.

So, we played in Seattle - Mark and the kids went see her play, and I had a work meeting.

We ended up having a super fun family night on Saturday and a great tourist morning on Sunday. We got to see the Pride parade, which was super interesting, we went to the Seattle center and then on the Ferris Wheel.


Soccer in Sand

Frances was able to participate again in the Soccer in the Sand. For the first time Henry was not there as he was in New York at the US Open.

We had a great Friday in Manzanita beforehand - I love that place. 

It was a great time again - such a fun event and such a magical experience.

Maggie and unveiled a new cheer performance that involved stunts. Holla.