Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Years 2015

We spent New Years Eve at the beach. The weather was awesome. The best part was we got the kids to finally hike the mountain - a big accomplishment. The only drawback is we had round two of puke fest for poor Maggie. Ouch.

Last and First Run

The weather around New Years was MAGICAL. These are pictures from my last run of 2014 and my first run of 2015. Such a great way to wrap things up and start things off :)

Maggie's First Hair Cut

Frances had hair curlier than Maggie's. I noticed that when we cut it, the curls went away. So, I have been VERY nervous about getting Maggie's hair cut. She is 3 1/2. Over vacation, we hit the breaking point. She looked like Gene Wilder. So - we went for it. We took her to a fancy place and Henry and Frances got to cheer her on. She LOVED it and even chose the glitter hair spray. Not gonna lie -I may have shed a which Henry MAY have said "Oh dear".

Francie's Date

Francie also got an alone night with Mom. She had a tough time adjusting to it at first, classic middle child. She kept worrying about whether we should have invited Henry. That said, once she realized that my response to nearly every question was "you pick, it is your night", she started to realize she was going to have fun. She chose bowling, burgers, Powells......and then wanted me to take her to Police 9 at night....needless to say, we went to Whole Foods instead - where I let her choose a dessert.

Christmas 2015

Christmas morning never disappoints. SO MUCH FUN. My favorite moment was when Mark tried to put on the new suit I got him....that was tad too small...and he walked around singing "fat guy in a little coat". HILARIOUS.

We are very blessed and lucky to have our health, our family and the love in our house. We also felt lucky enough to have Gordon and my parents over for Xmas dinner.

Treats for Santa...All Class

On the way home from Christmas dinner the kids decided that while it is tradition to leave cookie and milk for Santa, their sense was that he gets a lot of that we should mix it up. We let them choose what to leave Santa.

Frances: "Something good for you and something bad for you" - Beer and carrots
Maggie: Chocolate
Henry: Whiskey

Christmas Eve

A few years ago we started a tradition where we go to the Family Mass at our church and then go to the Christmas Eve. Last year we rented a room in one of our favorite restaurants and invited our friends. This year were lucky enough to get the same room and the Watsons and Davis's (minus Josh - who was sick). KID HEAVEN...and parent heaven, given the food is nummers. A highlight was the spaceman helmet the Watsons got Frances. She would not take it off. Again - nearly impossible to get them all in a picture...and not it is what it is :)