Monday, October 12, 2015

Indian Summer = Unusual Mondays

We having an Indian Summer -- slightly awesome and slightly weird. Monday's are usually a bit busy as Henry has soccer practice at night. After a busy weekend, coach decided to give them the night off, which was good as Henry bruised his knee really badly and was having a hard time walking. I decided we need to get out of the house... too pretty...and I thought a change in landscape may help him work through the pain and warm up his knee. We had a coupon to Plumper Pumpkin Patch and darted out there for the last 1.5 hours. SO FUN. Maggie was particularly in heaven, she seriously spoke to each animal.

Fall in the Arborteum

On Sunday we had some open space in the afternoon - aka, no activities - and it was sunny. Bring on a hike in the arboretum!

Boys in Bend

Henry had a soccer game in Bend, so he and Mark made the most of it and snuck off to Black Butte, had dinner with friends, woke up and golfed, played soccer, and headed home. From the multiple texts, I think they had a REALLY good time.

Farmers Market Reunion

Before we were even married one of my FAVORITE things to do was to go to the Portland Farmers Market, watch the cooking demonstration by an amazing chef, and pick up food for the week. it was our Saturday thing.....until the kids started to play soccer. We switched to the Hillsdale Farmers Market, which is on Sunday, but then soccer and CCD starting happening on Sunday. Grr. 

This past Sunday Henry and Mark were in Bend for a soccer game and I had the girls and we had an opening from we jumped on it!!

It was bliss. PURE BLISS. Gorgeous weather, wonderful food, wonderful music and a great cooking demonstration. It felt like home :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Womens Soccer League Championship

Thursday night was the final championship game for the professional women's soccer league between Seattle and Kansas. Last minute we decided to go and I am SO glad we did. We got to see a number of players from the World Cup, including Rapino, Holliday, Solo and others. Frances also got to meet with one of her favorite people in the world, it was, overall, a top ten night.

One week.... the view during my runs

People wonder why I love Oregon and why I love Portland. These two pictures -- two views I got to embrace, take in, and savor during two runs in two days. LOVE.

Sunday Parkways

We finally got to go to Sunday Parkways -- where PDX shuts down roads to let people bike on the streets and basically prove Portland is real. It was gorgeous, awesome, and we SO need to do more next year.  We saw a woman on a unicyle, raised 8 feet up...pushing a baby stroller. NO JOKE.

Like Totally Rad, Gag me with Spoon Celebration

The day after my birthday a group of girlfriends and I went out and celebrated....80s style. My girlfriend Lesley gave me the gift of hair and make up....and well....HOLY COW. I was Tony Basil from her Oh Mickey video-- and the stylist SO GOT MY BANGS RIGHT! I chose to bring champagne my lovely friend Annemarie gave me before she went back to Dubai -- my way of making sure she was "there".  I had such a lovely time with my amazing girlfriends - I feel so honored to have this tribe around me :)


I entered a new decade....and frankly, I am kind of excited about it and looking forward to rocking it. Thankfully, my family and friends did a PHENOMENAL job of doing so many thoughtful, kind, funny, and truly glorious things to help me feel so loved -- I am truly humbled.

The night before I got to go out to dinner with my sister and my parents. Thursday night my lovely husband cooked a wonderful dinner for all of us, gave me the MOST amazing present of three rings with our kids names on them....and then literally blew me away. He - in conspiracy with two of my friends -- created a video montage based on individual videos sent from friends and family throughout my life and from our children. The 15 minute video is love wrapped up in a video form and it had me smiling, crying, laughing, and just glowing from all the kindness. It was, one of the NICEST and kindest and most thoughtful gifts ever.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bridge of Goddess 2015

I was able to do the Bridge of the Goddess Half Marathon again this fall. It is such a great race -- stunning and amazing views, a wonderful group of women that cheers each other on.......... and it is really there are a lot of hills. This year was just as fun, although harder as I didn't have my sister next to me talking me through the hills and the whole feeling of wanting to vomit :) My dad came and cheered me on -- broken knee cap and all.