Thursday, March 15, 2018

Cousin Fest

Christian and Brian came out for the Golden State Warriors Game (Christian is a fan....Blazers won...just saying....) and Jenny had a layover in Portland en route to San Diego. So, we had a four hour cousinfest at a brewery near the airport. Pretty awesome.

Spring Runs = Bliss

We have had some FANTASTIC Spring days lately, which have afforded me the bliss of running in Oregon Spring weather. Impossible to be in a bad mood....for me...and for Cormac. The Thorns also had their first preseason game....which means......MLS and NWSL are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Basketball = SKIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tough thing about being a basketball season nowadays is that you usually have tournaments every weekend and can't ski. With Frances's season ending early....she got to ski! We wanted to make a weekend of it, but I had a lot work....solution.....get a ride up there. It was awesome. I got to work on the way up, avoid driving in traffic and parking, and then I got a whole day with girl, and could work on the way home Win. Win.

Frances Basketball Season 2018

Frances had another great basketball season. Despite being small in numbers, they were mighty in heart and had a great coach. It was also fun to see her as such a leader, despite being the youngest girl on the team.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Soccer Weather

On Sunday we woke to beautiful snow everywhere. I was sure that Frances's soccer game in Eugene would be cancelled and we could have a gorgeous snow day. The kids geared up. I went for a long walk with Mac...and got the message that OYSA refused to cancel the game and it was on. Seriously. No joke. Thankfully, the drive was relatively safe, we have a great car, and Frances team won against a very rough and very dirty team. Then we rushed back to the house...just in time for the 2nd downpour to start. Phew!!

HR with BLD

I had the wonderful chance to spend 24 hours with Brookie...sans one of favorite places on earth - Hood River. We got to drink nummy bear, hike, and talk for probably 12 hours straight. Bliss. Need to do that more.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Maggie the Magical Charm

Maggie has a new role in our other children's life. She is their cheerleader....literally. She has taken it upon herself to bring her cheerleading outfit to every game and perform at half-time. In Phoenix it became a thing and a good luck charm that even Frances's stern coach required. The best part was watching all of the parents...including the other team...cheer for her. She then started a cheer class for Henry. Classic.

Sunday - Finale Day!

Sunday was a serious soccer day. I woke up early to get one last run in with the nice weather and it was worth it to see the sunrise.

Then,  they had a game at 9 am and had to win by at least three and they other teams had to fall in place for them to get in the finals. It worked out and they ended up playing the top team in Arizona and the 2nd team in the nation. The finale was AWESOME. The level of play was incredible and it was just such a fun match to win. The heat got the best of our team...not the Arizona girls, and they wilted in the second half. The ended up losing 4-3, but we were SO proud.

All the girls wore their medals on the planeride home. TOO CUTE.