Friday, August 1, 2014

Janis Date Day

We another lovely Janis date day. It was pretty dang awesome. Perfect summer night.  We went to a summer concert in Foothills park, which is in Lake Oswego. SO pretty. Janis spoiled us..she set up the spot with chairs and a blanket and an umbrella...and brought food and uno for the kids....bliss for a working mom on a day she is in the office. The band was really good and in what I fear is foreshadowing of high school and college years...the girls were ALL over dancing. Like front row and rockin out.  At the end Janis treated the kids to cherries...which Frances kept some left overs on her face. We love our Janis.

PAT BENETAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weekend ended with Pat Benetar. Rick Sprigfield opened for her...and wow....there is a whole generation of woman who REALLY like a woman nearly fainted in front of me. We were able to get really close and I have to say - Pat can rock it!!! Awesome end to an awesome weekend. Even though we had NO idea who he was, we decided to get a picture with the guitar player for Rick.....Melissa was really happy about it.....

Wine Tasting

On Sunday we HAD to go wine tasting so the girls could see the Willamette Valley. Thankfully my sister and Fritz came too...and Joanie agreed to babysit all seven grandkids - yes, she rocks. The weather couldn't have been prettier and the company couldn't have been better. BLISS. BLISS. BLISS.


We planned our wedding around the brewfest...and the girls remembered we HAD to go. Lucky mark -- he spent his anniversary eve with three very lovely ladies. TWELVE YEARS!!


My sister's husband Fritz is a bit of an epic legend to my girlfriends back east as he flies planes and lives in Anchorage. Well....he is now has a plane in Oregon....and he tooks us up in it. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Even though I see Mt Hood nearly everyday, I can't describe the awe of seeing it from a small plane. 

Love in the Outer Circle

A while back I posted a message to my college girlfriends that Pat Benetar (a sorority house FAVORITE) was coming to PDX and who was in.....and Lisa and Melissa said they were! I could not believe it. They live in Boston and Syracuse. I honestly could barely contain my excitement.

The first day we running, had dinner at our house and then 80s concert. I am only sharing what is legal to share... :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my girlfriends..... hard to believe we met two decades ago...WHAT?

Red Tail Golf Camp

Each year the kids do the red tail golf camp....and each year the kids LOVE it. Maggie was very proud of them.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cousins on the Coast

My sister Jenny and her kids are in town and went to the beach for the weekend. AMAZING weather. We got to the farmers market (which my sister, my mom and I love!) and just play. The beach doesn't always get super warm, but yesterday was a prime day. Heaven....minus the burn that Frances got as I forgot to reapply....ugh. Our friend Dan and Emily happened to be driving through, which made the party even more fun!