Saturday, February 21, 2015

Backyard Exploring

Henry had a sleepover on Saturday.....Sunday was GORGEOUS and we had many plans to hike, golf and other things outside...but Henry needed to take a nap. Again, me no likie sleepovers.

So, the girls and I decided to explore the green space behind our house. It was SO much fun. They honestly thought they were hunting through the jungle. Hilarious.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Memory for Lifetime

At Christmas time Henry played a "bracket" of his favorite songs. Meghan Trainor had two of his top five. I looked to see if she was coming to town...and she was....on Feb 13th......but the show was sold out. I told my mom. The next day I got a text from my mom that read "OMG...OMG....CALL ME". Normal text from a 68 year old. Turns out, she went on Stub Hub and got tickets for him for Christmas.....and she bought three as she wanted to go too. Seriously, I have the most fun loving mom ever. 

The concert was last night. It was a little frustrating in that it was in one big room and poor Henry couldn't see the stage. So.....I hoisted him on my back and held him most of the concert. That said, she was AWESOME. It was only the 2nd concert of her tour and she really talked with the crowd and has a pretty insane voice...for that kind of music :) The best was how excited Henry was to hear all the songs and to sing every word....alongside his mom and grandma. Pretty fun memory.

I need a new phone -- pictures were horrible...and frankly I was more focused on holding Henry up..... so memories are in my  head  :)

Our Sweet Artist

The one present Henry wanted from Santa was 50 colored pencils so that he could do drawings. He put them to MAJOR use in decorating his Valentines day box.  In typical Henry fashion, he researched a bunch of soccer clubs and did logos from the ones he thought were the best. I heart this kid. He also got a valentine from a girl that told him he was the cutest boy ever. He was very excited to tell me this simple fact.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Tough Bug

We are in the thick of basketball season. Henry had a tournament this past weekend with games starting at 8 am and coach wanting them there at 7...ouch. Of course Henry was THRILLED and really pumped. 

They played well and made it the championship game, which was very close. They ended up winning - but to me, that wasn't the best part of the experience. 

Henry is the point gaurd, which is a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. I have to say, I got emotional on the sidelines watching him. He plays with such poise, calmness and true love of the game. There are definitely some drawbacks to sports, but the benefits he is reaping ten fold. He is learning about true "toughness" as his coach says, which is really more about true character and work ethic and I love that his coach is about adamant about teaching that first. He is learning about the power of a team - with people who have very different skills and strengths - something I feel like I deal with daily at work. He is learning how to control is nerves. Most importantly. he is having the time of his life.....which then, makes me eternally grateful and having a pretty good time too.

 The week after the tournament the coach let Henry take home the trophy!!! He said it was because Henry was MVP and deserved it. I have to say, I have never seen Henry so filled with was a tear jerker moment. He was go careful with the trophy on the car ride home and when he walked in, he kissed it and said "You're home baby".

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secret Reader

Maggie's school has a special event called "Secret" Reader where a surprise person comes and read. All day they try and guess who it is. Henry and Frances didn't have school, so I asked...ok begged... for them to the special readers and our wish was granted. TOP TEN MOMENT as a parent. The pride and joy on each kids face was the BEST. THE BEST. My heart couldn't be more full.

Janis Date - 1st of 2015

With December being so busy, we didn't get a long Janis date and we were very sad. Since we knew the weather was going to be nice, we decided to meet up with her at the Japanese Garden....where they had been a year ago to do some "research" for Henry's school. As always, it felt like everything was right again seeing her. She is such an important part of our family.

I Heart Opal

I ADORE where the kids have gone to preschool. It is a magical place that I firmly believe has made them better people and made me a better parent. They had the Opal Symposium and had people from around the country come and observe them. When I arrived I saw these lovely displays....TOO CUTE. The first is Maggie's self portrait.

Mama Dates

We have had two days off from school (Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get my kids back) and the weather has been great on Mondays so lots of Mama Monday hikes. Henry was very excited to finally walk on Wildwood, given he has read all the books. It is not lost on me how lucky our kids are to have trails like that less than a mile away.

What Play Dates Look Like with Frances

Frances had a play date....they got off the bus looking like this...impossible for me to love that little girls energy more.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Years 2015

We spent New Years Eve at the beach. The weather was awesome. The best part was we got the kids to finally hike the mountain - a big accomplishment. The only drawback is we had round two of puke fest for poor Maggie. Ouch.