Saturday, February 18, 2017

Henry Basketball Season

Henry is also having a fun basketball season. He has Coach Vincente again, who we adored. He teaches and coaches on principles related to value, grit and teamwork. While they are a small team, he is helping them to be mighty. Henry thrives under Vincente...even when Vincente is quite focal with him about what he wants him to improve. The root of it is that he knows Vincente believes in him and has his back. It is a joy to watch. The whole team works their butt off and it has been fun to watch so fun. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Awesome BB Season

This was Frances's first season playing club basketball. She made the team through our club. It was a fantastic experience. Her team had a bunch of gutsy girls who worked really hard. She had a great coach and it was overall an awesome experience.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Opal Hoop Reunion

Maggie saw two of her dear friends at basketball. So adorable...and old and new world merged.

MJ's Turn to Be a Baller

It is finally Maggie's turn to play basketball. One thing that I love about her is she is BEYOND excited to get to wear her hand me down shoes, shorts, and anything else that could be passed down. Her first game was at the school that I went to kindergarten and that I had my first basketball game...pretty crazy to walk back in as a parent. Her team is all girls. Her coach is doing a wonderful job of making it fun. Maggie is VERY earnest about defense and seems to be a Reuland....not shy to take a all :)

Lunar New Year

The amazing parents at our school that celebrate Lunar New Year help to organize an annual event that is awesome!! Our music teacher helps the kids to learn traditional songs from different countries that celebrate the holiday and there are various performances. It is awesome and makes me so thankful for the wonderful diversity in the community. I love learning about the different cultures, music and food. This was Henry's first year going back to the school.....not as a student. He said it was surreal....I feel the same way :)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of Him

Henry goes to a school with over a thousand kids. Every month they have an all school assembly in which they focus on a theme for the  month and one word. Before the assembly the principal asks the teachers to identify 5 kids from each grade - so 15 total - that represent that word. 

This month the word is COMPASSION.

Henry was chosen as a child who represents that value often. 

He was called up in front the whole school to be acknowledged. 

In classic Henry fashion, he didn't think it was that big of a deal and when he got home he didn't tell me about it. It was only at night when I was putting him to bed that he remembered and told me. I  may have cried. I may have told him that I am not sure I have ever been so proud. Those are the things I hope for my children -- that they are kind and considerate - that they are good human beings. Grades, sports, all the rest of it is nice..but the quality of their character is what I am concerned with. I am so proud of him and so honored to be his mama. I learn from him daily about how to be a good person and it sounds like others do as well.

Epic Snow Storm

January 2017 started with an epic string of snow storms that had the kids out of school for a large part of January. While it set me back at work and set the kids back in school, for the most part, it was AWESOME. We skied down the hill, we sledded down the hill. We created a huge 1.0 mile sled ride from the top of our hill to the bottom part. We spent time talking to each other. We ate dinner together every night. I have to say, most of me loved it.

Monday, January 2, 2017

1st Day of 2017

2017 started out awesome. The weather was incredible. We got to play on the beach, run with Mac and watched the Manzanita Polar Bear Plunge. We left at 3:00 and stopped at Ecola park. GORGEOUS. That is one magical place. The drive home was a bit slick, so it took at long time. We decided to stop in North Plains for dinner. I hadn't been in that town since my brother died (on January 3rd, 2001) and memories of him and driving to Pumpkin Ridge hit me hard. A lump formed in my throat. We walked into the restaurant and then I noticed it.....once of his favorite songs - Free Falling by Tom Petty - playing on the radio. I think my baby brother was sending me a message.