Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rock Star Grandma

Joanie did it again....she got tickets to a concert and we got to tag along....this time it was my sisters and Loo...who is an honorary sister. We got to see Kelly Clarkson- who is pretty dang talented. We also go to the happy hour together...which was pretty dang awesome :)  The picture below makes me crack up as my mom kept having her eyes closed in pictures so Loo kept telling her "Open, Open, Open"....and this is what we got...can't stop laughing....

Annemarie and the Kids!!!

Last year Annemarie was here with her son and pregnant...and this year she flew all the way back across the world with her son and the twins!!!!!!!!!!! To say that I have been ecstatic to meet them and to have one my favorite people in the world back in Portland is a large understatement. Maggie is also glad to her godmother back in town...especially when she brings really special presents.

Lodge on the River

Growing up, one of the families in the neighborhood that we were the closest too was the Strombergs. My mom and Sandy were best friends and they had three kids too. We played almost every day. Doug, the dad, was always a bit cheerleader for me and gave me so much advice and love growing up. As I reflect back on my childhood, I honestly feel so lucky as there are so many other adults, in addition to parents,who nurtured, supported and looked out for me...including the Ya Yas. Doug and Sandy now own an incredible place out in Wilsonville on the River. They threw an incredible party....with entertainment and all...Henry was an "assistant"....and I finally got to bring all three kids to have them meet them....and some of the YaYas were there. SO FUN.

Wine Weekend with College Friends

We had a pretty awesome celebration of our wedding anniversary this year -- we got to go to the Oregon Wine Country with friends from college. The two men that came out knew Mark and I when we met...which is 21 years ago...so we have long and fun history together. I have to say, every time we meet up with college friends I am just stunned how  easy it is to hang out together even though we live in different places and how funny and smart they are -- I am not really sure I appreciated how magical college was when I was in it, but now that I see the amazing group of people we were able to be with for four incredible years, I just feel so lucky. Thankfully, each is with a wonderful woman who is also funny and smart and can handle us reminiscing for hours.... Thankfully, this beautiful part of Oregon did not disappoint our friends from Vermont and Maryland. It was gorgeous, the wine spectacular, and the food phenomenal. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What. is. Happening.

Janis Date - July 2015

One of our favorite Janis's dates is a concert at Foothills Park. It is a lovely setting and we get time with Janis -- what could be better. We love her so much and are so happy when we get a night with her. Maggie has developed a new habit of "posing" when I ask to take a picture....not sure what I think of it.

Red Tail 2015

The Red Tail golf camp is a favorite of the kids every year. Check out this bad ass foursome :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Soccer Tournament.....in HEAT

Henry has his first tournament in the U11 club soccer league. His coach is from Liverpool and is HILARIOUS....although maybe not meaning to be, but Henry already uses the words lads, rubbish, and brilliant. It was SO HOT. Our car...in shade...was 106, and they were on the turf field (so add 15 degrees). The girls were troopers and my parents and Gordon were great cheerleaders. The ended up going to the championships and losing by two. I was in DC for the final game and my dad was the best - he texted me every 2 minutes with updates. It was honestly one of the kindest and most thoughtful things he could have done. So proud of them.

Ballet Camp

So.... my parenting journey so far has been sprinkled...or doused....with sports....which is ok...maybe great...as we love sports....and then Maggie came along....and asked for ballet...WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? SO, I signed up for the camp, and then went in denial....until I was reminded that I had to buy all the ballet gear. Enter dread. That said, the joy and excitement and sheer happiness on her face was priceless. She got to do the camp with her good friend Josie, I got see the Watsons - which always makes me happy, and Maggie was over the moon. Guess the new genre is here to stay.

How many adults does it take?

My parents have had the same basketball hoop that Andrew and I played in high school....so it is old.....like really old....like "gotta die your hair" old....

So, my dad bought a new one.....and then needed an army to put it together. While not meant to be an entertaining experience, it was. HOLY MOLY so many parts and so much time. It started at 6PM and didn't finish until the next day.

That said, we broke in the new hoop with an intense game of HORSE. Not gonna say who won....