Sunday, January 10, 2016

Forgot to Post About Maggie Skiing!

I think I lost my steam putting up posts from AK as we had so much fun...but I missed a big one... MAGGIE skiing!!! She was so brave and excited and so eager to show off to her big cousins she could do it. She is a trooper. She made it down the whole magic carpet hill without falling by the end...and the promptly wanted hot chocolate.

Another Tournament Winner in the Books :)

We are officially back in the grind...after a slight delay with the snow storm...we are back at it with school, work, and busy weekends with kids activities. Henry had a tournament in St Helens all weekend...with VERY early games...ouch....welcome back to the real world. Thankfully, they had a lot of fun, had a team bonding breakfast, and won the tournament. 

Hike Before the Big Snow Storm

It was another gorgeous day and Mark went the kids and I went hiking. It was so fun as it was gold enough for their be icicles and other treasures to search for on the hike. It was SO pretty and they were so stinkin cute together I coudn't stop taking pictures -- it was kind of annoying, but I couldn't help myself.

Dinner with Grandpa Gordon

Grandpa Gordon invited us over to see some new things at his place, open Xmas presents, and have dinner. The kids LOVE visiting his house -- lots of golf stuff and everyone oohs and aahs over them...Maggie, in particular, soaks it all in :)

New Years Run/Bike Ride

New Years day was GORGEOUS. Francie got a new bike from Santa, so we decided to test it out by letting mom go for a run on the waterfront from the horse barn to the new bridge and back and Francie biked along. Seriously, so much fun getting to hang out with my girl, exercise, and take in the beauty of Portland. Bliss. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sking, Hiking and Bode

Next to went to Alyeksa for the night. My mom got the kids ski lessons for Xmas. Frances had been once, Henry had finally decided he would give it a go, and Maggie said "next time".  Frances LOVED it and ended up going night skiing with Aunt Jenny and rode the lifts. Henry tried it, gave it his all, and decided that it is "not his sport"........ and Maggie spent most of her free time with Bode the dog.  Poor Alaska is grieving as there was barely any snow and while we were there, it melted. For a state that LOVES their wintry weather and snow, the residents seem VERY depressed. That said, we made the most of the ironic and sad beauty of the "melt".

Dinner.....for 17

We decided to give my sister a break from entertaining and go to a fun restaurant for dinner....and there are 17 of us. The dinner was great, company amazing, and my dad - who doesn't drink- ordered a Hanky Panky (a gin drink) in honor of my grandfather. Afterwards we went shoe shopping at the amazing place next door...... could you ask for more?

AK Adventures

Christmas night we flew to AK and met up with all of my family at my sister's house. It was so much fun. The first day was gorgeous, so we made the most of it. We went sledding (my dad was hilarious, I think he did the most runs), biking, and I got to run with my sisters, Mark and brother in law Fritz-- hello heaven!! The kids were over the moon about getting to be together - I think they would say it was the best Christmas present they received all year.