Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I heart my husband of 11 years

It was our 11 year anniversary on Saturday -- HOLLA! We had our wedding purposefully on the weekend of the Brewers Festival because we LOVE beer and love the beer culture in Portland. That said, since we had Henry, we may have been back once or twice.  This year, I rode my bike down (with the infant seat attached...in my dress...on Cornell.....) and met Mark. We tried a couple of NUMMY beers, and then went to a super yummy dinner at Park Kitchen. A perfect night with my awesome husband. 

 Facing North.....
 Facing South....
We were seriously cracking each other up. 

A Top Ten Day!

My mom was supposed to take my nieces to LA for a "girls weekend" but since she broke her leg, she is stuck to her bed. So....I got to have a whole day with them. They are the most amazing, kind, sweet and wonderful little girls. I was in heaven having a mini-van full of children and the kids were THRILLED to see two of their cousins. We chose a Art Gallery for our "cousin adventure" day and had a blast. It was amazing to have kids ranging from 11-2 years old who could explore art and different mediums together. SO FUN. 

Red Tail Awards Ceremony

At the end of golf camp they have an awards ceremony. Of the 40 or so kids, only three trophies are given out and all week the kids are talking about who is in the "running". Henry secretly told me he was going for the "Sportsmanship" trophy. So Henry. Turns out he did get a trophy -- Most Improved. He was elated...as was Frances. When the coach called out "Giggles" to give Frances her award, everyone cheered and the coaches all did a "woop". Definitely a camp favorite. So fun. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bring It Golf Camp

Henry and three of his friends from school..............and Frances.......are taking golf camp this week. I got to take the kids to camp and it was just hilarious. Frances was in HEAVEN being will the big boys. Apparently, Frances was chosen as "camper of the day" and received the nickname Giggles. The best part was how proud Henry was and how excited he was to tell me. Such a great big brother. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Papa and Grandma are Back!

My parents were not supposed to be back until this week, but my mom hurt herself and they had to come home early. Turns out she broke a bone in her leg and she can't bear any weight on her leg for six weeks...OUCH. To turn a negative into a positive, we all went to the beach this weekend. The kids are VERY VERY happy to have their grandparents home and so am I. The world feels right again. 

Check out Mark's sweet care taking skills getting  my mom outside for dinner.

Oh the places you go ...on your bike

Summer Fridays are date days with the kids. Now that the kids are biking they want to go on adventures on their bike. This week we parked at OMSI and biked to the Oaks Amusement park.  Then, we had a snack on the beach along the Willamette, played at the park, and biked back. SUMMER HEAVEN. Brookie and Oscar met us too, which was the cherry on the top :)

Beverly Cleary Walk

Henry had the "Spring" of Beverly Cleary where he devoured everyone of her books in written form and then listened to all of them on audio books. So, when our club offered a "Beverly Cleary" walk around her own neighborhood and in specific sites that are noted in the book we jumped at the opportunity. It was a perfect, hot summer night for a walk and Brookie and Oscar joined us too! I have to admit, I missed most of the lecture as Maggie was quite verbal with Oscar and Brookie and I might have been talking a bit too..... That said, Henry and Frances LOVED it.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Epic Family Weekend

We had the BEST, quintessential summer in Oregon weekend. We went to the beach and the weather was idyllic. We played in the sand, played at the park, and then after Maggie's nap we went on our first Family bike ride. It feels like a whole new phase of our family life is starting...and it is SO much fun. Filled to the brim with thankfulness for my family and for where we live.