Friday, January 30, 2009

The Art of a Number

On our call with Grammy Kris this afternoon Henry told her all about his picture that he has been working on. We thought it might be nice to post it for her so that she could see what he was trying to describe.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowman is Back

The snow is back! We decided to make a snowman with Papa. Henry wanted to make sure that the snowman had "green hair" so he used celery. Should I be worried that this is a hint of the future?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Smile

Henry had to have his front tooth pulled. When he was 15 months he fell and his tooth went back up his baby tooth canal. Turns out at the time, it probably introduced bacteria into his mouth and he had an abscess.

So....we had to go and have it pulled. Wowzers. They gave him Versed (spelling?), which is a drug that makes them "not care and not remember". Oh nelly. They gave it to him and then had him sit with me in the lobby until it kicked it. Let me just tell freaked me out. He was so out of it, laughing and singing. I realize I should feel lucky that he is a "happy drunk", but it totally freaked me out. When they took him back, I sat in the the lobby and cried.

Overall, it went great and my little hockey player likes his new smile (mind you, he won 't have a tooth in front until he gets his adult in grade school!) He has his tooth and doesn't want the tooth fairy to come as he likes his "new little buddy".

Numbers and Cars

As I have mentioned, Henry loves numbers. Not just a little, a LOT. He has to wear a number every day on this shirt...and it has to be two numbers. His first imaginary friend...named "10".

After being in Alaska in -15 degree weather and he refused to zip his jacket up because it didn't have a number, we had to do some creative parent thinking. We came up with the idea to use address labels. He writes the number he wants to be -- it is usually "88"...if not, it is always a number of a Blazer - and then we put it on his shirt.

A couple of days ago I was doing laundry and came out to find that Henry had put a number on EVERY car and on EVERY stuffed animal. It was classic. I had to take a picture.

Do you think he will go to college with a number on his shirt? Is my son "lunch money"?

One side note: Henry got some "NASCAR cars" from Grandma. He calls them "Nasty Cars". How hysterical is that? He asks to play "Nasty Cars".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mark's Version of Taking Care of the Kids

I needed to do some things around the house and walked into our front room to find this............

Brad Pitt - watch out. My husband is going for the Father of the Year Award.

Friday, January 16, 2009

She really is a cheerleader

This last week I have noticed that Francie has been slapping her hands together, back to palm, a lot. It wasn't until today that I realized she was doing it with is the Francie version of a clap. Priceless. I was cheering for Henry and looked over and there she was, moving her hands up and down. I had to take a video. Thankfully, if you say "yeah, clap" she will do it on demand. Yes...I am acting like she is a dog.

Last night was also another first for us...the first joint bath. LOVE IT. Despite Henry trying to "dunk" her, all was good.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

7 Months

Miss Francie turned lucky 7....months. Big doings. It was a GORGEOUS day today for her to celebrate outside.

Henry at seven months.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wish Celebration

On Friday they had a "Wish Celebration" at Henry's school, so I helped volunteer .


At the beginning of the year the teachers had the parents make a card with our "wishes" for our child in the upcoming year. We presented our wish and then attached it to a branch that hangs from the ceiling, with all the wishes dangling down. SO CUTE.
I think Francie has as much fun going to the school as I do. She does nothing but smile.
We made applesauce and I was seriously in shock at how good the kids are with knives...who Henry can be my sous chef.


January 3rd is the anniversary of losing my brother Andrew, so Francie decided to wear her Boston College cheer leading outfit. It was also Matt Ryan's (former quarterback BC) debut, so she did a couple of cheers for him too. We are still working on the splits.