Friday, December 25, 2009

Ho Ho Ho....Merry Christmas....

Christmas has to be one the best days to be a parent. There is seriously nothing better than having a giddy child wake you up and then walking downstairs and seeing his face light up. Priceless.

As usual, last night we left Christmas cookies for Santa on the front porch (Henry is freaked out by the idea of a man he doesn't know coming into his house....he does have a point). This morning we checked the plate outside, first thing, and when Henry saw the empty plate he said "No wonder he has a big ole belly".

The kids were very lucky...they got amazing presents from family and friends. As of today (it will change) the kitchen set and shopping cart seem to be Francie's favorite and Henry has spent hours playing with the basketball game Auntie KK and Gordon got him.

This morning we had brunch with my mom and Grandma, got to talk to my dad in Nigeria and sisters in AK and NY, and skyped with Grammy Kris and Percy (the joys of technology!). Tonight Joanie went to the Blazer game, so it was just the small group of us. Can't wait for Thursday when we get to celebrate New Years with Jenny, the kids, and tons of cousins.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wish Celebration

Henry's school has "Wish Ceremony" tradition for the last day of school before winter break. The parents make a "wish" for our child in the new year, read it out loud and then they hang it on the wall for the children to see throughout the next year. The "wish" Mark and I made was obviously made by two people with more science-oriented brains....lacking a bit of artistic creativity....but it had a lot of heart.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cute Skirts and Libraries

Our neighbor is pregnant with a boy and then they are done.....she is nesting and wants to get rid of all her girl clothes from her daughter. Enter Colleen -- the lover of hand-me downs. I was SO EXCITED. I left the house with two boxes of ADORABLE clothes....only to slip and fall on the ice walking back to her house, breaking the boxes with the clothes flying everywhere. Nice.

Above is Francie's 1st outfit from the stash....LOVE IT.

The kids and I are doing a tour of all the public libraries in Portland. Once a week we go to a different library around town. It is so fun - all librarie in the Portland metro area let you return books at any library, so we get a huge pile and then drop them off the next week. It is has been really interesting (in a good way) to see the different neighborhoods and experience the style and feel of the area. I think we are going to just start the rotation again when we are done visiting all 16. Here are some pictures from our adventure to Belmont library today.

Gertie's 92nd

My grandma turned 92. Jenny flew down from Alaska for the day and we took her out to eat for one of her favorite things....STEAK. She ate about 1/8th of the t-bone steak, but enjoyed every bit. Let's hope I get some of those genes.

Santa Baby.....Not for Francie

We went to see Santa. Henry has been working hard on his list (the yellow sheet of paper above) for Santa and he wanted to show the Big Man himself so as to make sure everything was clear. Henry did great....a 1st.....Francie on the other hand liked him at first, gave him a high five, and then when I put her on his lap....LOST IT. At the end, much to Henry's dismay, Santa tried to take the list. Thankfully I could see the horror on Henry's face, so I asked Santa if we could have the list back as we may want to update it and that I would email it shortly. Instant relief on Henry's face.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Ratio

This brought back some memories of good ol' Clarkson U.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tram Ride

Gordon had an appointment today so I decided to kill time by taking the kids on the OHSU tram. For my east coast homies, the tram is a "cabin" that travels 3,300 linear feet between the South Waterfront campus of OHSU to the the upper terminal on OHSU's main campus, which is located at the top of a hill. The custom-designed cabins were made by Gangloff Cabins of Bern, Switzerland and the views are insane.

Last time we took Henry he was younger...and petrified. This time....he loved it! Pistol Francie of course loved it and asked if there was a bungee jumping option.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moments that make me love being parent

Last night when I was putting Henry to bed I asked him "Why did God give me such a great kid". It was rhetorical question that I didn't really intend for him to answer.

And then he did...

"Because mom, sweet kid for a sweet mama".

Seriously....instant heart melt.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Hugging and Santa Kissing

Saturday we made the annual trek to cut down the tree...something I am adamant about and that Mark is baffeled by. Thankfully it was amazing weather, so he didn't mind being out there. We went with Dan, Emily, Ellie, Jimmy and Gordon. Gordon hiked all the way up the hill without needing to take break -- go 24 year old heart! Francie, aka Miss Nature lover, was a bit confused by the whole thing. On the otherhand, Dan taught Henry to say "Timber Down" when a tree went down and he shouted it with glee. Dan cut the first tree and then when Mark went to cut our tree it took him a bit longer. Henry asked if Dan had bigger muscles and that was why it was taking daddy longer....didn't go over well.

On another note, Francie is really liking the Christmas spirit....a little too much. I am thinking she is literally trying to "kiss up" to Santa to get better presents. Ho Ho Ho.

Zoo Lights

Our wonderful Zoo puts a great show with Zoo lights. The put up thousands and thousands of lights and you feel like you are in a light show. We took the kids and met up with Dan, Emily, and Ellie. Good decision to go with that gang....they brought hot chocolate...with marshmallows! Now if we could get them to spike it.... We tried to get the kids to pose with "Dolly" and they were too frozen, so Mark and I jumped in. Perhaps we need another animal for the home?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Impossible Not to Love Portland

We went for a hike today in the arboretum and it was bliss. Days like today make it impossible not to love Portland. Henry hiked the whole 3 miles and Pistol walked about half...go kids go! We are trying hard to keep the blog posts updated as it is Papa's link home (he can check email and the Internet) and he sounds homesick....we love and miss you Papa!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Francie Rolls....

Yesterday we went to the parade and then to the park.....never a quite a moment. Mark got some really great pictures of that new camera. We felt like she wasn't on the pictures as much as we here go...ode to Pistol Francie.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

We had a great Thanksgiving....although I am so full right now I can barely sit up to write this post....pathetic.
We started the day off with the Turkey Trot. Mark and I ran the first part with Francie in the stroller --- not the most beautiful of days (rain!)....but it was really fun.

Then, Auntie KK dropped off Henry and Henry and Francie did the Toddler Trot. Hysterical. Henry was very serious about the race. He even got ribbons!
We got home to Auntie KK kicking it into full gear with the dinner....LOVE!!! having a person who loves to cook and went to cooking school in the house for Thanksgiving. Heaven. Joanie , Auntie V, and the family had a great dinner - so thankful for friends, family and good dinner. Check out the picture with 4 generations of Harrington women! BTW- my grandma turns 92 this month....foxy lady huh?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinner for Papa

We had a special dinner for Papa tonight as he leaves for Nigeria tomorrow morning....for two months...ack! We made him beef stew and got a pie for dessert...which ended up mostly on Francie's face. The kids are really going to miss playing with Papa. Before dinner, when we were going around the table and saying what we were thankful for, Henry said "I am thankful for all the fun stories that Papa will tell when he gets home".

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Night and Mental Note

As a special treat for going to Vancouver to wait in line and get a H1N1 shot, Henry got movie night with Auntie KK and Grandpa Gordon. As you can see, Miss Francie tried to "sneak" in too. I came downstairs to get her and she said "NO!" and buried herself in Auntie KK with a big hug. Too cute.

On another note, this morning I was making Francie's breakfast and it got WAY too quiet. With Francie the Pistol....never safe. I walked around the corner and found this.......mental note.....fruit bowls not an option with my fruit-obsessed children....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lantern Walk

Henry's school has this lovely tradition of the Lantern Walk in late Fall. The kids make "lanterns" out of glass jars and we go on a special hike through the Arboretum in the night. The purpose of the "ceremony" is to celebrate the inner light we have inside of ourselves during the dark winter sweet. This year we hiked with Henry's favorite friend from school, Lizzie, and her brother Trevin. Afterwards we went to Ben and Jerry's for an ice cream and entertainment. As you can see, I am really strict about my child being VERY proper in public places.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Gordon

Gordon celebrated his 68th birthday today. As you can imagine, this birthday is a special one considering the incredible gift he received from his heart donor. Henry was very excited to get ice cream, one of Gordon's favorites, for his birthday. As you can see from his chocolate mustache, he enjoyed the celebration!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Art Appreciation

We had a wet weekend here in the great NW. Katie is here! so Katie and dad went to his apartment today and Colleen and I took the kids to the art museum. Yesterday.... Henry was wearing his tiger mask and his pants backwards.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Henry was a fireman and Frances was a "love bug". Henry was very serious about his role this year...he even wanted to make sure he got a "fireman meal" before heading out. We went with our neighbor Allora...Henry's new BFF. Francie enjoyed trick or much so that she tried to take a neighbor's whole bowl of the candy....the neighbor thought she was joking...she pulled all the punches, smile....pull it bigger...transition to a cry....stomp. Joanie brought us dinner. As you can see, she pulled out all the punches and made a "my ghost casserole". To quote her " Martha eat your heart out!""
On another bright note, Gordon came home! The kids were THRILLED. After two minutes of being home Henry pulled out Chutes and Ladders and Francie sat next to him to read a book. Good luck healing with those two and the packed agenda they have for him!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Too cute

Mark got Henry a Blazer hat last today it was all Blazer for his outfit. Love it. This is the scene this morning....I mean really....I know I am biased mother....but so cute!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Mark went to the Blazer game after we put Francie to bed, Henry and I carved the pumpkins. It is amazing the difference a year makes. This year Henry made a drawing of the what he wanted me to carve. His design was actually really cool. We then put the pumpkins on the front deck and Henry did his best ghost impersonation. Scary dude....especially with all that fog!