Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

We made our annual trek to the place we go to reset - Manzanita. We adored it there. We always go Memorial Day. They have a lovely 2nd hand book sale and we always stock up and the locals are so great about remembering the kids. We almost always see Brookie and her kids and the Foster-Kramer family. We take things slow. We take walks. We don't work so much. We play soccer. We ride bikes. Our internet was out at the house....and for some reason, I loved it. This year we went met up with a new group of friends. They had a zip line in their background and the kids were THRILLED. A perfect reset before a very busy month ahead. 

When we got back, we even managed to make it to the pool at the club. 


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sunday Parkways SE - 2017

One of my favorite parts of summer is Sunday Parkways, where the shut down the streets in a part of town and you can bike all around. They have different set ups at different parks. It is 100% a Portlandia episode. The first one kicked out with a bang -- amazing weather and a fun course. The best part...all three kids made the whole 7.5 loop....including MAGGIE! I was so proud of her grit.

MAC Father and Daughter

Mark and Maggie went to the Mac Father/Daughter dance. It was Hawaiian theme, they sat with her friends from school, and they learned a fantastic dance that they did with each other. I mean really, what could be better.

FP School Carnival

The kids school always does a fantastic carnival. This year was extra special as it was amazingly sunny weather. This year was also VERY surreal for me. Every year I have had a baby, a toddler, or a kid who was not yet at the school to tag along with me. This year Henry wanted to go...and he and his friends were walking around with a particular swagger that comes with being the "middle schooler who used to go here". He must have said a hundred times - "Everything is so much smaller than I remember". Frances had her friends. And this, Maggie had her friends ...and was off....no mom needed. WEIRD STUFF.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Frances's Early 9th Birthday Party

For Frances's birthday, my parents won at an auction a box at the Thorns Game for 20 of her friends, with Thorns Scarfs and catering. The game was in early May, so we made it an early birthday celebration. For the first time in her life, she invited girls to her birthday party.... her whole entire soccer team....and everyone replied yes. So, it was 14 girls, Maggie and three of Henry's friends. It was SO much fun. They were so excited and it was so much fun to see her with her tribe of girlfriends who also love sports. They even made it on to the big screen! Mark and I also determined that girls are MUCH louder at parties than boys...wow. Maggie loved being in the thick of all the girls....and on stage with Henry's friends.... again... lord help us. On the way home, Frances called my parents and said thank you for the best night of her life. So sweet.