Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Ten...Even Though we haven't had ten yet....Halloween

The kids had a dentist appointment in NE Portland, so we asked Aunt Brookie if we could crash her house and have Halloween dinner there and go trick and treating in her neighborhood. I adore her neighborhood as it has wonderful old houses, flat streets with sidewalks, and the kids adored her neighborhood as they could hit more houses per square mile than in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, my battery died within the first five minutes of trick or treating -- epic fail! When we got home we let them trick or treat at our house too....double the fun! So - here are the only shots we got. (Note: My friend Sam loaned Maggie this AWESOME pony costume....Maggie nearly had a breakdown when she had to take it off....)

Harvest Party

Miss Frances had her Harvest Party for her kinder class. It is SO fun to see her with her friends. She has a very special community. I also really appreciated that Mark forgot to comb her hair -- nothing like a little reggae on Halloween.


Henry's team ended the season undefeated. They other team they played was also undefeated. Not gonna lie - there were some amped up parents on the sidelines. Hilarious. Our good friend is the coach and he did a wonderful job of keeping it FUN for the kids - a hard thing to do nowadays when there is such a push for competition only. They had an awards ceremony at the end and my favorite part was when he asked Henry how many goals, total, his team had and how many goals were scored against them. Of course, Henry knew  (rain main, as my mom likes to say) - 64 goals for his team, 14 goals scored against them. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Still cool....and holding on to it

Tonight was the Harvest Festival at Henry's school. Basically it is a big party with a DJ. Henry is DEFINITELY starting to get "cool" with his friends and with having a crush on girls .....when he asked if he and I could go together, I jumped. I feel like the days of pre-tween are not so far off and he still sees me....I someone fun to hang out with. We had so much posing in the photo booth and dancing. Kind of wished I had not chosen the wool dress....but decided sweating was worth it if it meant hanging out with my sweet son. He even held my hand walking to the car.


Throughout preschool Frances had a best friend. At the end of the second year they declared that they were going to get married so that they could be "policemans and firemans in the same station together". They now go to separate schools. Last week Paxton's dad called and said for his birthday he got to pick one kid to bring out for a special night out...and he picked Frances. She literally counted down the hours. She waited out front for their car to arrive and Paxton jumped out, ran to her, and they hugged for five minutes. SO SO SO CUTE.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Portland Nursery Apple Tasting

We made our annual trek to the apple tasting, scavenger hunt, and pumpkin decorating at Portland Nursery. Brookie and Oskie came too. I think my favorite part was M and O playing "hide and seek" behind the trees and cracking up when they were found. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hood River Bliss

The kids didn't have school, so I quickly jumped the opportunity to head out to Hood River. HR is one of my favorite places overall, but it particularly shines in the Fall. We went pumpkin picking, apple picking, went to my favorite coffee shop, stopped at three breweries to get three different growlers and ended at the waterfront park (awesome!!!! for kids). I love that place. I love that place. I love that place. I may buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. I also love my kids. We had so much fun having a full day to play together - not sure how I got so lucky, but I feel like I already won the lottery. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Fall We Have Been Waiting For....

The wonderful, more typical Fall weather in Oregon is finally here....for the weekend. I made the kids skip our usual Sunday am routine and go for a hike before the basketball try out and football games. BLISS. No lie, I want my ashes scattered in the Arboretum. I love that place.