Monday, March 23, 2015

March Madness 2015

We were lucky enough to maintain our annual tradition of going to the first round of March Madness. This year was in Portland. My dad's brother and his sons (one of whom is Maggie's godfather) came out and my godmotha Lisa also flew out from NY. Yahoo! There were some really great games and the kids had a blast. We also had amazing Spring weather, which made the walk back across the bridge very magical. I heart Portland.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Basketball Banquet 2015

We had our basketball banquet for the MAC. I am so proud of Henry and all that he learned and how much he grew over the year. We SO THANKFUL for his amazing coach. His coach requested the boys wear a tie...Mark was meeting us I had to go to my parents and enlist the help of my dad. Not gonna lie, I may have shed a tear watching my dad teach Henry how to put on a tie.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Most. Insane. Birthday. Party.

One of Maggie's BFFs at preschool was having a birthday party on Saturday. Even though it was Mark's bday, I knew we had to make it. THANK GOD WE DID. I should have been clued into insaneness when they asked for her dress size. We got there and she was given a full princess dress, picked out especially for her, shoes, a cape, and a crown...all hers to take home.  NO JOKE. It was a preschooler dream. They had amazing food for parents and kids. They also had REAL princesses. Yup -- Elsa and Cinderella in da house. They read stories, sang, and basically enchanted the children. I told the mother I was dying from amazement about 100 million times.

Lordy Lordy Markie is Forty!!!

Mark turned forty this year and is fully ready to rock this decade like nobody's business. He is pretty amazing person at the young age of 40 - I am so proud of the person he has grown into and the person I see him continuing to strive to be.  He is a stellar husband and amazing dad. We had the weekend of Markie...minus some basketball games and birthday parties.

On Friday, he and I went to a wonderful place for happy hour and great food and then the Blazer game. We got a drunk hipster to take our picture...not good... :) 

Saturday he woke up to 40 balloons in the house and a homemade sign from the kids. Turns out fitting 40 balloons in a car is REALLY hard. The kids were HILARIOUS in coming up with 40 things dad food.....

We lunch at a brew pub with portions for NBA players, went swimming and then a low key dinner at home. 

Sunday Mark and I ran the Shamrock Run 15k and had brunch with my dad.

Thankfully the party keeps going for him. He went on a boys golf weekend in Bandon the 1st weekend of March and is going on another boys golf weekend, with a different group of boys, in late May. CELEBRATE!

My Baller

Frances closed out a great basketball year. I had the honor and fun of coaching her team with another dad from the school. It was a blast. We had wonderful group of kids that were really eager to learn and enthusiastic to play.  Frances gave it her all - in her Franceslicious way. I love her spunk. She even managed to make some far out shouts and then mimic Wesley Mattews and pull out the bow and arrow....oh dear...

She Cracks Me Up

Insane Spring

This Spring has been much sun and pinch yourself wonderful...and then try and not throw up that global warming is happening and has negative consequences too. The weather has made training for the Shamrock Run and hiking with the kids GLORIOUS.

First Timbers Game!!!!

Mark was out of town for the first, unofficial, Timbers game. Frances and I got to go and had so much fun. She is such a fun date.

Basketball Cheering Squad

Another kid on Henry's team has a younger sister the same age as Maggie. SHE IS I want to adopt her awesome. We are so thankful that she was there for most of the games and she brought us much joy. Maggie and she did half time performances, colored, and Frances was often the ring leader..... foreshadow of high school.

For the last game, Brookie and her wonderful boys also joined the cheering squad. HEAVEN.

Getting our Fundraising On

We attended our schools annual auction. Now that I am on the board of the school's foundation and see how incredibly important the money raised is to maintaining the quality of school we so value, the auction is really important to me. We had a great night - it is really a wonderful community of really wonderful parents that love their kids. A friend of mine showed up with the same earrings and we thought it was hilarious....that kind of fun night :) We also stayed out dancing until 2 am to 90s music....who knew I liked that era so much?