Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of Era..Beginning of a New Chapter

We have been SO BLESSED to have had the same nanny for the entire life of our children. Janis started when Henry was five months old and has been with us ever since. I didn't know how lucky and fortunate I was to have received this GIFT of Janis without much work or searching on my part...until having to find a new person and fill her BIG shoes.   Janis has been a constant in my children's life and frankly in mine. She is someone I bounced ideas off and constantly asked for input and guidance. Her wisdom, thoughtfulness, compassion, and integrity I knew I could count on and there was NEVER a doubt about her unconditional love for our children. Janis turns 60 today and so she wanted to retire (from this job) and enjoy the good life. I am so thrilled for her....and sad for us...but thankfully know that she is FOREVER going to be in our life and she is part of our family. After I completely lost it and cried hysterically when she left I realized that I will NOT handle members of our family leaving the home (aka college) well. Prepare myself now.

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