Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Janis's Concert

Another favorite holiday tradition is going to Janis's holiday concert. I was particularly excited to take Maggie as she loves music and she loves Janis. As always, the music was incredible. A nine year old girl did a solo that stole the show and left all of us with tears in our eyes. I have been very intentional about waking early and getting the front page of the paper before Henry can get it (he LOVES to read the paper every morning) and not having the radio on as I haven't wanted him to know the details of what happened in CT. I have read a lot about how to talk with your children and to be honest, none of it seems right for him or for my way of parenting -- but it could be that I am still processing it. The sermon was lovely and thoughtful, but mentioned that children died and it will be interesting to see what he heard and didn't hear and what questions come up for him.  Such a sad, sad time - I was so thankful for a lovely, beautiful morning of heavenly music. 

MAC Holiday Party

We went to the MAC for the kids holiday party. I have to say, they did a great job. They had lots of clever activities for the kids (like make a snowglobe). I think their favorite part was watching the carolers - they love the music. It was a lovely celebration of kids and the wonder of the holiday in the midst of such heartbreak in CT. We got a Santa photo....but only by all three of us being the picture....kind of wished I had taken a shower beforehand....

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zoo Lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my most favorite parts of the holidays is Zoo Lights. This year we went with the Watson family and Brookie & Oscar. Dan had the brilliant idea of going at 4 -- which was awesome because we beat the crowds and we got to see the animals AND we didn't freeze.  

First Reconciliation

Henry had his first reconciliation. I was a bit worried about it as the Catholics can lay on the whole "guilt/sinner" thing pretty strong....and me "no likie". That said, they did a WONDERFUL job with this important milestone and emphasized the importance of being reflective, thoughtful, and considering how you can amend and improve yourself. 

The best part, though, was when he came back. I asked him how it went. He said "It was simple, and I liked how when the priest blessed me it looked like he was a football referee making a call". No milestone is complete for Henry without a sports reference. 

Holiday Traditions

My parents only live a couple of miles from me. Last year I noticed a sign on the road in between our houses that I must have driven by 100 times advertising wreaths. On a whim, I turned up the road and found this magical place. It is a new family tradition. We get our wreaths and then revel in all the animals. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Photo - Take 10....and a Failure

It was GORGEOUS, so we went up to Pittock Mansion to attempt a holiday photo. It has become officially IMPOSSIBLE to get all three smiling and looking at the camera. Oh well.....

Dance Off at Mississippi Pizza

We took the kids to a concert at Mississippi Street Pizza. They had a "dance competition". I was very proud - they brought their A game. Henry won 2nd place and a rockin CD and Maggie one first place in pizza eating.