Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A card to a new world

As many of you know, we have been doing a library tour. Of the 16 in the Portland area, we have visited 14 (only two more!). Lately Henry and I have been talking about how it might be time for him to get his own Library card. Well....Friday was the day! He was so excited...and I was "THAT MOM" who was taking pictures and stumbling over her words with pride. The librarian thought I was seriously out of control taking pictures with my cell phone (why oh why did I forget the camera for such a big day!). Henry signed his name on the card and he was off!

Then, light magic, on Saturday we pulled out the Level 1 chapter book I had bought him that we had been saving for when "he was ready". Yeah....well.....we opened it up.....and he read the whole first chapter on his own. Here is how it then went:
Me: Henry - who read this to you before?
Henry: NO one mom, you wanted to wait.
Me: How do you know the words then?
Henry: Moooom - I am reading!.

At this point I did what any parent would do -- I got teary eyed....and SCREAMED for Mark. Mark thought someone was hurt. It is awesome!!!

Today he went to camp and I wrote him a note and put it in his lunch sack. He got home and then read it to me and told me it was fun to read a note from me in the middle of the day.
INSANE. SO exciting. Literally, the next chapter in our little boys life!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Time Sledding

We went up to Hood River and took the kids sledding for the first time. The first run down started great...and then Henry went over a small cliff of boulders. Upon seeing his approach with the rocks, I put Francie down and raced to Henry saying "oh no". Henry fell over, landed in the snow, and stood up............with a HUGE smile on his face. His love affair with sledding begun. Francie on the other hand thought the whole thing was PETRIFYING and boycotted it from the moment I left her side to run to Henry. Oddly enough, it was slightly comforting to see her be afraid of something and have some sense of danger since that is a rare thing with her. It was one of those magical times of parenting watching Henry filled with glee, zooming down the mountain. It was also HYSTERICAL to see my dad and Kris go down the hill -- who says you can't sled in your 60s!

Hike in Hood River

This weekend, as a special adventure, we took Grammy Kris to Hood River. My parents came too...so it was one big party. We went on a great hike at Catherine's Creek and saw evidence of Spring. The kids loved the relatively easy trail and the parents loved the views. We also had a good debate about whether RIley's poop needed to be picked up...or was it part of nature..... Henry said it was too smelly to be part of nature...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running in his new year of life!

To celebrate Mark's 35th birthday we ran the 15K Shamrock run. It was SO awesome -- amazing weather and A great run....followed by a super NUMMY breakfast. Happy Birthday Markie!

Nob Hill Here We Come!

Mark and his mom took Henry to the movies, so Francie and I had spent the afternoon/early night walking around on my favorite neighborhoods. (ok...I will be honest....I wanted to walk off the wine from lunch....despite the AMAZING amount of food I inhaled at lunch, I was still worried). So, three hours later, we were ready to go home.

Blissful Shower

There was a shower for my lovely friend Dana on Saturday....not gonna lie to you...I felt showered in bliss! We were SO spoiled -- my favorite shower so far. Dana's mom treated us to manicures and pedicures (in serious massage chairs) and then a three hour lunch (with wine!!) at one of my favorite rest. Plus...Brookie came down from Seattle and stayed at our house.

A girls afternoon filled with laugher, good food, good wine and a glowing mom to be. Seriously -- not much is better.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Too Good to Miss

This Saturday it was 60 degree weather. Despite having WAY too much to do here in Portland, we couldn't resist the temptation to go to the beach house. On top of the great weather, my parents were there too. The kids were thrilled...as were Mark and I as we got to go to the wine bar while my parents stayed home and watched a movie.