Monday, July 26, 2010

Plate & Pitchfork

Portland is all about eating local and celebrating local chefs -- people get crazy about it. There is this dinner series called Plate & Pitchfork that pairs local chefs with local wineries and hosts a dinner at a local farm. The past two years I have tried to get in... but they sell out in the first hour. This year, I was prepared. The day they send out the email that reservations were open I had my blackberry attached at my hip. Chance had it that it "opened" when I was working at Henry's preschool. I promptly told the teacher I had to interupt class and get on her computer...nummy food was at stake. We got in & last night we went to our dinner. It was SO good and so lovely to be sitting on the farm grounds from which the food we ate was grown. It was also humbling to be sitting in over 90 degree weather and watch chefs go to work...wowzers. Needless to say, I was "glowing" (aka dripping in sweat). It was an awesome night with good friends....who cared if we smelled like the cows in the field by the end of the night.

Cousins Making Bank

Jenny and her family are here and this weekend we went to the beach to play. It was so fun. There is nothing better than seeing cousins play together. There is definitely a special connection they have...and anytime I get with my sister is extra special. One of my favorite things to observe is the two youngest kids (Katie - almost four & Francie) as they try and keep up with the big kids. Hysterical. On Saturday the kids came up with the idea to make a lemonade stand. They made signs, name tags (with name, age, city) and four different kinds of lemonade. They were hysterical. They even through in some dancing to draw in a crowd. They made 44.00 dollars (I thought we should have spiked the lemonade to increase profit...) and the four oldest split it up amongst themselves. Henry has not let go of his bag of $11.00 and spent most of the car ride home from the beach discussing his options for how to spend his money. Sweet Mary said that the money wasn't the best was the giving....gotta love that kid.

Aloha San Diego

Last weekend we went to San Diego to visit friends and family. When we arrived...we went straight to old town for mexican food and Francie fell in love with a we bought it....she spent the rest of the trip seranading people. We stayed with my friend Nancy, who have known my entire life (her mom went to college with Joanie) and her family. Her boys are ADORABLE....and their house felt like a lodge. We went to the amazing zoo...and then had to leave early as it was over a 100 degrees and our Oregonian bodies were hurting. Friday night we went to Aunt Pats house and had the best time catching up...those girls make me giggle. We tried to get a picture of oldest to youngest....but Francie wouldn't play along...above is my attempt to get her to sit on my lap...didn't work.
Saturday am Mark had to run 18 miles (he is training for the marathon), so Francie and I dropped him off and then drove halfway and ran and met him to give him water (Nancy took Henry to the a rush of independence he dressed himself while I was gone and wore a jersey...with shirt underneath...go homie). Running in SD was a slightly different experience than here. Then at night we went to a retirement party for my cousin Cindy and got to see all the Peck family. It was SO MUCH fun. IN fact, I was having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures. Grr.... I didn't even get one with one of my favorite cousins Jason and his sad. On the flight home Henry told me that he loved California, but he wanted to get home...he missed the Oregon water to drink. Classic.

Mississippi Street Fair

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Mississippi Street Fair. So fun. IT was warm, there was great food and awesome stands with art, clothes, and lots of "eye candy" for two small children. We met up with Dan and Emily and their daughter Ellie showed off her stylin walkin moves. Henry got to paint on a car (not sure if that is teaching something that I will regret later) for charity. Then we met up with Michelle and Erik and Seamus demonstrated an amazing ability to sleep, with his head up, in the backpack. Impressive. We ended our adventure listening to Norman Sylvester (the band that played at our wedding)....hello boogie cat...brought back some rockin memories...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Move Over Martha

We had an awesome 4th of July dinner with some of our favorite people. The best part was the flag cake that Brookie, Henry and I made. Seriously. It felt like a big accomplishment. While we were making a culinary masterpiece, Mark & Josh went to get more beer and came home with malt liquor in a brown bag that they sampled on the way home....all class our household.

After dinner we went to the beach for fireworks...and it literally rained at first...classic Oregon. Once it got started it was awesome....but not to Miss Francie. She quickly figured out how to comfort herself....lay head down, next to Grandma. You go girl -- work your way through it.

Rockin the Manzanita Parade

Our little beach town has a classic small town and so cute. The floats are cars decorated with streamers with Bruce Springsteen playing from the sterio...and the highlight is when they throw choking hazard candy (like the butterscotch circles...perfect for my two year old). All joking aside -- it is quintessential small town and I LOVE IT. Henry did too....Francie...covered her eyes the whole time and fell asleep. The picture of me and the dog was taken to show off our matching outfits...Brookie noticed it and I coudn't resist taking a picture with my twin.

Check Off #9: Go to a Tide Pool

We are trying to check off at least one summer activity a week. This weekend we visited friends in Arch Cape and went to the tide pool. We saw a star fish with 17 joke....not gonna lie -- I was jealous...can you imagine how much more organized I would be? Francie loved it....until I fell in the water....while holding her.
Her favorite part was playing with Henry's friend Keithen who has always loved little Francie. Think she has an admirer already.

Welcome Sign

Henry was VERY, VERY excited that Brookie, Josh AND Grandma and Papa were coming to "his beach house" (note: Joanie & Jimbo actually own the house...but Henry thinks otherwise).
Anyways, he made a sign for them. Not gonna lie to you, I think my little cutie as a passive aggresive side...."we hope you love us too"....

Holy Beach

Friday we drove down to spend the weekend at the beach. Check out the amazing view with the light on the water....clouds literally parted on our arrival.