Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heart Melting Moment

We went to see Santa tonight. Henry had his list -- 14 things, almost all had to do with sports -- and Frances said she didn't need a list, she would just tell Santa. Given in the past years she cried and would not actually speak to Santa, I wasn't hopeful about the process. Henry handed Santa his list and a nice long conversation about football and his favorite teams and players. Then Santa asked Frances what she wanted and this was her reply: "A water buffalo, make-up, and a Johnny jump up for my Maggie". I melted. On Monday, I was looking for the Johnny Jump up for Maggie and couldn't find it in storage. Apparently this really saddened Frances and she wanted to make sure Maggie got a present too. So sweet.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maggie Moo Eats Some Grub

The 6 month mark is a big one in the Reuland casa as we start solids on their 6-month birthday. Maggie was ready -- she has been putting everything in her mouth and watching intently whenever someone eats around her. Henry and Frances got to feed her. It was HILARIOUS. They overdid it a bit...but she caught up quick...and LOVED It. I think she is going to be tank...and will take after her mother.

Maggie's 1/2 Year Mark!

Frances at 6 Months:
 Henry at 6 Months:

Miss Maggie hit the half-year mark! Go Maggie!!!  She continues to be  a VERY happy baby. Her babbling has really kicked up and she can now squeal, yell, and let her brother and sister know who is the boss. I am thinking that she may have a lot of Frances in her as the girl is STRONG. She is sitting up and reaching and grabbing for things...and looks adoringly at her brother and sister's ability to run. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maggie's Baptism

We are in the clear....Maggie got baptized. Her godparents don't live in Portland. Since her Godmother, Annemarie, lives in Hong Kong, we decided to plan it on a day that she can be there since that is a special treat in itself. Janis filled in for Maggie's godfather as Jeffrey had a medical school interview. Annemarie's parents substituted as grandparents for Maggie, since my parents were out of town, Mark's mom lives in NY and Gordon is still in the hospital. Annemarie's sister was the fake aunt and nanny to the kids....and Brookie (my BFF) rounded out the crowd with her wonderful support (still feel so lucky that she lives in Portland again!!). It was a short, informal ceremony, but still special. Maggie was pretty funny -- listening intently, talking the priest, cracking smiles when he said "satan". I feel very, very honored that Annemarie and Jeffrey have taken on the role of godparents. They will be wonderful role models for her and she is lucky to have them to lean on in the future, just like we are lucky to have them in our lives. Janis was a wonderful "stand in" as I am sure my children will turn to her throughout their lives as she has been and will be instrumental in their growing up. As is typical of our lives with three kids....we forgot out camera. Thank god for Brookie's cell phone.

 Afterwards we went to Papa Hayden and had yummy dinner and dessert to celebrate Maggie being cleansed of sin an all...amen. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Janis's Magical Mass

Our nanny Janis is the choir at her church. Every year they have a SPECTACULAR holiday mass in which members of the Portland Symphony accompany them. It is incredible and the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and the advent season. This morning the whole family went, including my mom and dad. We were in the third row and one of my favorite parts was when Maggie recognized her in the choir and smiled a HUGE smile. Who knew she could see that far? We were SO proud of Janis. It was a magical mass...........followed by a not-so-magical car ride home. Henry baptized the Swagga Wagon with its first puke and Maggie cried a majority of the drive home. Oh holy night.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Morgan the Christmas Tree

Since we were out of town, we went to get our Christmas tree this weekend. We had a special treat in that Auntie KK was here too. Yahoo! We found Morgan, the name for the tree, in about 10 minutes. Although she is small, she is round and we love her mucho. The swagga wagon was also baptized in carrying a Christmas tree -- holla.

The kids got so hot putting on ornaments that they took their shirts off. 

Mornings in the Reuland Casa

This morning Frances, Maggie and I were up first. I had to go and do something, so I placed Maggie - sitting up -- with the boppy. I came back to this. Priceless.

1st Grader Presentations

Henry had to give his first presentation this week about his family. It was ADORABLE. I was kind of stressed out getting there as it was in the middle of the day, on a day I work, but SO worth it. My favorite part was when he had to say something special about each family member and he said "And then there is my sweet baby sister Maggie. She is special because she makes my family, she makes everyone she meets, smile everyday.". I mean really....beyond cute.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Final Day in San Francisco

After the wedding they hosted a brunch at Neiman Marcus, right next to Union Square. This is a great place to go in San Francisco during the holidays as the decorations are awesome and the view of the tree in Union Square is spectacular. True to form with this wedding, it was incredible, and the food was delicious. After that we met up with Auntie KK, Dwayne and Hazel before our flight. Per my contract with Katie, I am not allowed to post pictures of her without written consent....so will have to see if I get any "approved" photos this weekend. 

Top Ten Wedding of All Time: Rob and Jessica

Our friends Rob and Jessica got married in the bay area this weekend. WOW. I probably said that about million times this weekend as it was one of the best weddings I have been to. The ceremony was in Santa Clara, where they met, and it was not only beautiful, but so heartfelt and so touching and so honored the sacrament of marriage. The reception was in San Francisco and the bride created one of the most magical settings I have ever been. Every touch was a personal one and each little aspect of the wedding had such meaning. On top of the honor of celebrating these two incredible people, we got to hang out with a group of friends that we love. IT was so much fun to get back into "our element" ....ripping up the dance floor, singing to starship, and making each other laugh to the point of tears.  We had a blast and, I am proud to say, were one of the last people there -- thanks to Auntie KK watching Maggie.  Our friend Dan said it perfectly the next day "can we do that whole day again?". 

Tale of the Stroller in San Francisco

This past weekend we got to go San Francisco for a wedding. My parents took care of Frances and Henry and we took Maggie with us.  It was INCREDIBLE weather, so we put in a lot of runs. I like to call this series the "Tale of the Bob". No joke, I should work for their marketing department as that jogging stroller is a key factor in why I love travelling with my kids....we can run in great cities while they nap. Win, win. On one of my runs I just happened to run into my dear  friend Erin. How small a world is that? It was like opening a Christmas present getting to see her so unexpectantly. 

Manzanita Tree Lighting Ceremony

The Friday after Thanksgiving we headed to Manzanita. It was a great weekend of mostly great weather. Little did we know they had a tree lighting ceremony. It started at one end of the town, where everyone lit their candles, involved a parade through the town, and then ended at the bakery with free hot chocolate, cookies and Santa. We drank the hot chocolate, ate the cookies.....but NO to Santa. Frances said she was scared and Henry said he didn't have his list ready. Classic.