Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Comparison

Just for fun, I thought I would compare our Easter pics over the years since we have been going to the same place for brunch.  Pretty amazing to see the growth and change in our family. 

Easter 2016

We had a fun Easter brunch with the two grandpas, Grandma Joan still home recovering. 

I had to giggle as Maggie wore a hand-me-down from Frances. When Frances wore it, I convinced her it was a "cool dress" at it had soccer balls and basketballs. This morning, with Maggie, had to convince her that the skirt twirled like a ballet dancer. Same dress - two VERY different girls. 

It was a classic Oregon Spring day...sun!!!...pouring rain...sun!! A highlight for me was going for a long hike with Mac on Wildwood. The trilliums are so gorgeous. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016


We got to see lost of cousins on the trip too. I never get enough pictures. We feel so lucky to have this wonderful web of kids to visit in San Diego.

San Diego = Unstructured Days at the Beach

With the pace of our life, our favorite vacations have been ones that are highly unstructured and involve just playing as a family....and maybe a really good local microbrew pub. Our Spring Break in San Diego fit the bill :) 

Blazer Camp

This kids did Blazer Camp the first day of Spring Break before we headed down to San Diego. They had a blast and got to meet for players-- VERY exciting.

World Track and Field

My dad had purchased tickets to the World Track & Field, which was held in Portland. We have a family friend who was competing. Unfortunately my mom had her surgery and has had a bit of a rough recovery, so my dad couldn't go. Insert Frances and me. We had SO MUCH fun. Amazing to see those amazing athletes...especially Ashton Eaton.