Friday, May 28, 2010

Da Hood

Jenny and Fritz and the kids are in town, so we went to Hood River for the day. Given that it is minorly winter outside (summer what?) we went to the indoor pool and a nummy restaurant. I swear, the kids could be in a dessert with nothing around and still have fun.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walk for AHA

Last Saturday we did the walk for the American Heart Association as part of the OHSU Cariac Re-Hab team. We thought it was a great way to support those that helped Gordon get better. Gordon did amazing - he walked the entire way without a hitch! The kids did some walking, were carried (I told myself it was extra cardio) and then negotiated stroller time. There was a really large turn out. Gotta admit -- the people who stopped and smoked during the walk OR those that got fried dough when we walked by Saturday Market were a bit disturbing....guess the whole patient ed/understanding human behavior part needs to be beefed up.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Burgers at Gertie's Place

After the beach we made it back for dinner at Gerties. She didn't want to go per her request we brought "burgers and chips" to her house. Gotta say, I think we "shook" up the place a bit. I stole the wheeled carrier for dirty laundry and was taking the kids for rides around the hall. Most of the older ladies thought it was funny...but we did get a couple of stares. Oh is good to spice things up over there.

Beach Weekend

We had a perfect weekend at the beach. On Friday Annemarie came down and we lots of quality time in before she leaves on Monday. Henry had her play every game possible and she was a good sport...even when he made he race five times in a row. Joanie and Jimbo came down too, so we also had grandparents time. Henry got to go golfing twice by Papa...who later taught him about his personal tradition of getting ice cream afterwards.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

US of A

Grammy Kris gave Henry a very cool globe for Christmas. It has this cool pen that he uses to point at countries and then it tells him the name, their national anthems, yada yada. Today Henry decided to write out all the names of the fifty states in America. I seriously think he could pinpoint more states than I can.

Spring Hike

It wasn't raining outside so we rushed to take the kids out for a hike. Henry taught Francie the art of throwing rocks into the creek (is that environmentally kosher?). She then thought the point of going for a hike was to throw stuff....lovely.