Sunday, July 30, 2017

Camp Waverly 2017

A new annual tradition is Camp Waverly, where you get to camp out on the golf course. We had so much fun last time, that we decided to do it again and invited the Watson Family. It was a gorgeous night and despite being pretty tired from the trip and late night flight back, the kids and I rallied and we had a fantastic time. Not gonna lie...I think the kid's favorite part is getting to drive a golf cart.

Last Day...the High Line

Our flight left late at night, so I decided to let the kids sleep in, went for a run in central park, and then we headed to the High Line. It was gorgeous...but SO HOT...and it was on that walk that the kids finally said they were ready to go home. We ate at Chelsea Market, went to the apartment to clean up, played at Central Park, and then headed to JFK. The trip ended with the four of us taking a subway, commuter rail, and Air train during rush hour...and I have to say the kids were fantastic. They helped each other out and they went with the flow. I had so much fun travelling with little army of sweet ducklings. I got to have 14 days with my kids...just playing and doing fun things.... my version of perfection.

Soccer and Picnic in the Park

Brian picked up Christian early from camp and we met up ...and the soccer games in NYC immediately began in Central Park. They created an "East/West Soccer Cup". The first games were played there and the tournament will resume when the Rutenbergs come out to Oregon in August. We had a lovely picnic dinner in the park and could hear the Shakespeare in the Park performance going on in the background...classic NYC experience.

Top of the Rock

We decided to play tourist. My niece had told me that the Top of Rockefeller was really cool, so we decided to go for it.  While expensive, it was really fun to show the kids the area around it and then the amazing views. We also got to go to St Patricks and light a candle at the St. Andrew's alter...something I always try and do when there.


NYC with Katie

We packed up the rental car again and drove two hours to the city to meet up with Katie, who had to be in town to work. We had a great time exploring central park.... one of my favorite places on earth....and went to the Met to see the amazing art. Katie showed us where Brian asked her to marry him :)  Henry and Maggie slept at Katie's house...which gave me a chance to have an alone date with Frances. I took her to famous dessert place that was in the movie "You've Got Mail" and Frances was over the moon with her dessert and time with mama.

Whisher in the Hamptons

Whisher was in the area so we met up again and I got to see her husband and her son too. We went to a Nature Preserve, which had a really cool water tank that you could touch the animals. It was so much to have our families hang out together.