Monday, June 16, 2014

Super at Six

Frances turned six on Saturday and luckily she also got to have her party on the SAME day. She had a lovely party that was 100% her...blow up inflatables and sports. All the decorations were sports themed. She invited her entire class, her best preschool friends, our dear friends who are like cousins to her, and then five boys from the other preschool class that she plays soccer with. This will sound cheesy and I have said it before, but I honestly cannot believe I get to be her mom. She stuns me daily with her zest for life, her compassion, her athletic ability, her kindness and her humor. I ADORE THIS LITTLE GIRL...who is getting to be NOT so little. Of course, I completely forgot my camera  for her party with her friends- so these pictures are all that we have. Thankfully, she has an incredible memory, so she can tell us all about it!

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