Monday, February 20, 2012

Maggie Moo Moo is 8 Months

Our lovely Maggie Moo is eight months old. Seriously - I don't know where time is going. Unfortunately she rang in a new month to her life with a bad head cold -- so while she is still a smiley baby, she has snot everywhere.  She is loving eating solid food and gets annoyed when they are made too thin -- she is a big girl after all. She loves her brother and sister more than anything and thinks the house is down right boring when they are at school. She is dying to walk -- and has started to pull up on things and cruise furniture. She is considering crawling...but only as a means to walking someday. She makes me smile every single day -- at least ten times a day. She brightens up any room that she is in and she has literally been a dose of medicine for Gordon and Gertie has they have hit rough patches with their health. Multiple nurses have commented about how she instantly "boosts" them up. She is starting to get a strong case of stranger danger -- which, if I am honest - I really don't mind because that means I get to hold even more. We adore her and wish for the world as it appears through her eyes --with a sparkle. I simply cannot imagine our life or our family without this fantastic little eight month old.  Below are some pictures...wonder why she wants to walk...could it be to escape? Also, some pics from Henry and Frances.

HENRY at 8 months- Hello Chunkasaouros
 Frances at 8 Months