Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trot 2013

We had another magical year of the Turkey Trot. Mark and I got to run on our own first while the kids hung out with grandma. Later we met friends from preschool for the Turkey Trot. Henry won his race and Frances won hers -- HOLLA.  We then got to play in the Zoo. I so heart Thanksgiving in Portland on days like today. As I write this, Mark and the kids are at the school for some football with school friends. Love it. 

Top Ten Family Sunday

Sunday was gorgeous weather and we only had ONE sporting event -- basketball practices at 3:00. So, we loaded the bikes on the car and went to a park with a bike trail. It was seriously so much fun and one of those moments where the weather is amazing, the kids are hilarious, and you want to pinch yourself. Frances also achieved awesomeness with tackling the monkey bars -- something she has been practicing for quite a bit.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Magic Tree House Musical

Henry is a Magic Tree House addict. As a family, we have listened to all the books on tape (AMAZING - read by the author) and so when we saw that the OCT was putting on a musical play based on one of the books we jumped at the chance. We took the whole family, post football game. I forgot the pants Frances was supposed to wear under her she wore her football shorts...but whatever. They loved it. Mark and I spent half the play just watching their eyes and thinking THIS is what is fun about being a parent. Afterwards they got to meet the cast and get autographs! We signed up for two more plays....we need to add in a little non-sporting events to our mix. 

Frances Flagship Football Year

Sunday was Francie's last football game. I have to give Mark credit for being an INCREDIBLE and patient and thoughtful coach to a group of kids that mostly had NO IDEA what football was about (which is normal for kindergarten). Frances was just a sheer joy to watch. She LOVED it (is already talking about next year) and scored a touchdown every game except one, when her team was scoreless. She is an animal. But, best of all, she was SUCH a good teammate. She always cheered on everyone else and even came up with plays at halftime (see the picture below).  I love that little nugget.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grammy Kris!

Grammy Kris came to play for a week and the kids were in HEAVEN. She brought games, books, and most importantly - HERSELF. I think one of the favorite parts for the kids was that she brought a kids book that plays out Who's On First. Henry and Frances LOVED it. She even got a date night with her own son (Mark :))

We were HORRIBLE about taking pictures, so the last night we attempted a picture with all three.

As you can see, bordering on impossible to get all smiling and looking at the camera.

My Lovely Bug

I took this picture of Maggie at the Park on Friday. I love it. It totally captures her.