Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Sweet Seven Year Old

Our sweet soul Henry turned seven. Seven lucky years for us that he has been in our lives.  For his birthday, we gave the older brother of two siblings control of the agenda for the ENTIRE day. So, woke to present opening, pancakes with fruit, golfing, and then we ended the night with me taking him to the Timbers Game. It was pretty glorious. For his presents, he wanted a trampoline so that he could do "awesome dunks" and plans to display his talents in the talent show next year -- he plans to jump over his friend Jack and dunk. Stay tuned. I think his favorite present though was the coaches dry erase board we got him for basketball. He drew plays all day long. The next day we had his birthday party at the our club. The lowered the rims and it was full court basketball extravaganza (note the EXTREMELY sweat boy). He also had a blow up dinosaur that was extremely cool and kept Francie entertained. All in all, it was wonderful party for a wonderful boy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

She is in the double digits!!

Miss Maggie is 10 months old!!!!!!  The word that I think perfectly describes Maggie is  EXUBERANT! She has one of those mischievousness smiles that literally explodes with joy. Maggie is very close to walking. She likes to stand on her own and has taken a couple of steps....but mostly in the drunken sailor kind of way. She claps for herself every time she stands. She is VERY verbal and has already started to stand up for herself with her siblings if they get in her way. She will literally try and push them aside. Girl power. She uses her pointer finger to explore everything....but then when she wants to point, she uses her whole hand. So cute.  I have to say, we think Maggie is Magnificent!

Henry at 10 Months:

Frances at 10 Months (the signs made by Henry)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was lovely. The weather was incredible, mass was beautiful, and we continued with our newer tradition of brunch at Waverly.  Henry got to pet a rabbit, Frances chose not to (but not because she is shy, she explained) and Maggie watched with awe...and fear. Henry was particularly happy because after we ate, he got to golf. Bring it.

Party Girl

This weekend was Frances's best friend's birthday. It was her first birthday party that she was invited to  - on her own - without Henry. Needless to say, she was REALLY excited.  Pretty cute.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Hop at the Zoo

We went to the annual Bunny Hop at the zoo. Thankfully the weather was INCREDIBLE. It was fun to see the kids run and strategize for the candy! Yee haw.

Play Days

Just some fun pictures of the kids...

Do Not Move Me

The other night Mark and I put the kids to bed. Then, we did the usual....made lunches, worked a little, watched a TV show. At around 11:00 we went upstairs to find Henry in our bed...asleep....with this this sign on his chest "DO NOT MOVE ME".