Monday, October 20, 2008

A whole new world!

Those of you who have been around Francie know that she is happiest when she is standing. While cooking dinner I decided to break out a new toy (see picture). HOLY COW! She was elated. It was hysterical. She couldn't stop giggling and she thoroughly entertained Henry and me (While our dinner burned...oh well).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rockin Farmers Market

Today we went to the farmers markets downtown and Henry decided to rock out. Attached are some pictures of him singing to the trees and doing Elvis-like moves on the sidewalk (his hand is the microphone). OUT OF CONTROL. My mom suggested that I put a hat on the ground for people to drop money in for his college fund.

Francie Goes to Boston

Last weekend I (Colleen) flew to Boston for work. Given that so many of my friends from college live there, I decided to go early and stay with Donna and Chris and see all the girls and meet all their kiddos. SO MUCH FUN!!!! The girls, as usual, made me laugh until my cheeks hurt and everyone's kids are so amazing. Rich (Donna's son) was the perfect entertainer for Francie - she LOVED him as did I. Of course, as is par for the course with me, I have some pictures from Boston but now can't find my camera charger (seriously....I am out of control).

On Tuesday, I made a pilgrimage up to Boston College to visit Andrew's bench. Although I was a total basket case and could not stop crying (the BC students thought I was mom joked that they probably all thought that I got pregnant and now was having to go to college with a young baby and losing it), Francie enjoyed herself sitting on the bench and looking all around. Foreshadowing?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

There once was a girl with a curl on her head......

We had to post this picture as Francie's curly-Q on the top of her head is hysterical.
It is even cuter when her hair is really blonde (not like it is today...greasy because I seriously can't think of the last time she had a bath....yes she is the second child).

After downloading Francie's picture I also found this picture of Henry on the top of Mt Hood at the end of August. I had to post it as the view and his smile made my night.