Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Developmental Milestones

The past few weeks have been really fun with Francie
as she has achievede many fun developmental
laughing...rolling over...rockin her first pair of jeans.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jam Sessions

No weekend would be complete without a jam session. Henry got to jam with Auntie KK and Mark. The "playlist" was quite long with renditions of ABC, London Bridges, and Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star. My favorite part was when Henry asked me to remind him of the words to the"Our Mother" song. I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until he reminded me that I sang it to him the night before. Yeah....I had a run out of songs that I could remember so I sang "Our Father" from church. Cracks me up. Sunday morning he did a solo gig spotlighting "Working on the Railroad". He has already learned the art of humming when you don't know the words.

Must Wear Gloves

Last time Auntie KK visited us, she and Grandpa Gordon took Henry to the driving range. He was so excited and so determined to show her his golf moves that he hit an entire bucket of balls and proceeded to get a blister on his finger. So.....before we went to the driving range with Grammy Kris he insisted on getting gloves to protect his finger. Yes! they make golfing gloves for a 3 1/2 year old. It was hysterical. The kid who refuses to wear mittens/gloves in the winter slid those babies on like he was Michael Jackson. Classic. He had a great time with the Reuland clan hitting balls and watching daddy hit the ball.

Becoming Buddies

Well...we have moved and are slowly unpacking the boxes. The process has been a little slow as we have had a lot of guests in town..but we would MUCH rather play with Grandpa Gordon, Grammy Kris, and Auntie KK than unpack boxes. Francie is a MAJOR talker (poor Mark - stuck with a verbose wife and now a chatty daughter). Her favorite thing is still Henry.

First Day of School!

A couple of weeks ago (was it really that long?) Henry had his first day of school. Mark and I both went to drop him off. The day before he got to go on an "adventure" to pick out his shirt for the first day. Believe it or not - thanks to my sisterclothes - he has never been clothes shopping. He picked out a green shirt (his favorite color) with stripes (like a race car). The first day went great...minus Mark having a VERY difficult time leaving (his cheeks turned bright red and he got a visible lump in his throat). I skipped off ready to get everything done in the 3 hours I had because we were moving the next day. Yeah....not so much....after 45 minutes I was called and asked to come back because Henry had fallen and was having a hard time pulling it together. Shucks. I am happy to report though that after a few rough starts (including a couple of days of me getting in the car and crying) all is well. Henry loves school. I love his school and the time alone with Francie and we couldn't be happier. Yahoo!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Francie Talks!

Well Sorta... This one is a few weeks old but as Colleen mentioned the cord was temporarily misplaced.