Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blazer Game that Became About the Timbers

Henry and I went to the Blazer game - our first time going together, which is always really fun. The team was playing and great....and then....I spotted....a few rows over...Jack Jewsbury from the Timbers...I may have lost my mind.

After some serious prodding and pushing, I got Henry to go over with me and we got him to take a picture with Henry and wished him the BEST of luck at Sunday's playoff game.

Beaming and VERY excited...despite the close loss of the Blazers...Henry and I ended out....and ran into Will Johnson (another Timber).....repeat the cycle above.

It was pretty darn exciting and both were extremely nice and cordial to two crazy Timbers fans.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Great Start to Basketball Season

Henry has quickly transitioned to Basketball Season....and the 13 tournaments across the state and even in Seattle that come with it :)  Thankfully, he has a WONDERFUL coach and seems really excited about it. This weekend they had their first tournament in Newberg. While a bit of a drive, it was a GORGEOUS drive. The boys ended up winning the tournament and had a great learning experience.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lincoln State Champions

This year we have been following and going to the Lincoln High School soccer games. Currently, the kids will go to high school there. Also...the Varsity Coaches for the boys are Henry's club soccer team coaches.  In an exciting playoff run as underdogs, the LHS Varsity boys made it the state soccer final. We had to go. It was a fun, family event for a Saturday night. When we got there, Henry ran into a bunch of friends from his club soccer team...and promptly went off with them, leaving us in the dust....foreshadow of high school? LHS played amazing and won....and the club soccer boys stormed the field to hug their coaches...who were amazed they were there. It was a pretty sweet and awesome moment.

Playdate with Janis at the Waterpark

The kids didn't have school on Veterans Day and I had a business trip the following two days, so I took it off for a playdate. Given our packed schedules, we have been having a hard time finding a time that works for our Janis's playdates so I asked her if she wanted to hang with us and thankfully she said yes. So....... we went to the Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark. One word - awesome. We had so much fun and savored every minute with our sweet and amazing Janis. Each kid... and me.... was so thrilled to have time with her in the water or in the lines. We love our Janis Playdates.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Annual Halloween Bracket

As we all know...Henry loves sport and numbers....and BRACKETS. Every year he makes a Bracket of the Halloween candy. He won't look at the bowl when he picks, because he doesn't want to bias the results. It is the first thing he focuses on when he gets home. This year, Grammy Kris called the winner...SNICKERS.

What is also adorable is Frances got the bug too....she started her count and now is working on her bracket. 



And then this happened....

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