Thursday, June 5, 2014

Andrew's Award at Sunset

Every year my parents give a scholarship to a senior on the basketball team at Andrew's old high school. We go and watch the team and pick a kid who as the character of Andrew. This years team was REALLY fun to watch, so we went to a lot of games, and Henry got hooked! He loved them too. We ended up picking two kids. One of the kids ended up being an all star at a camp that Henry went to he was chosen to do one-on-one time with Henry -- small world. Tonight was the awards and Henry asked if he could come. He LOVED watching all the awards and was SO excited to come on stage with me and hand the checks to these boys that he looked up to and respected. He handled it with such pride and charisma -- not gonna lie - a tear jerker moment. He also was cataloging all the awards he wanted to get one day.....Math Department Award....Best Athlete..... Oh dear......

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