Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get Ready WNBA

Frances had her first basketball game today. 

All of us parents know that there are times when everything seems to go so fast....and then there are times when there are these poignant moments when they go really slow...and you look around....and think, THIS IS EXACTLY why I wanted to be a mom. I had that moment during her game today. She was was trying SO hard and having SO much fun....and Henry was cheering with such pride and such enthusiasm....and well, Maggie was trying to get my phone, go on the court....but Mark and I just kept laughing and thinking - this is pretty great. I think my favorite part was what a good teammate she was. When she was on the bench she immediately starting cheering "Go ducks!!!" and clapping. 

So, so, so, so, so fun.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best in Show

If you have been around Maggie when she sees a dog, you know that it is a hilarious experience. She LOVES dogs. I mean LOVES, LOVES, LOVES dogs. The kids both had basketball at 2:00 today and then we did a bunch of errands. On the drive back to our house I remembered that I had read about the Best in Show Dog Show at the Expo center. The force of the dogs...and Maggie seeing the dogs.....compelled me to drive by my exit and make an impromptu adventure to the Dog Show. We got there for the last hour -- didn't have to pay for parking or the show...and had THE BEST time. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Pictures don't do it justice. The only slightly bad/comical part is I noticed two people that gave me kind of dirty looks. I thought it was, in general, because I was there - alone - with three kids. Later, I realized (because someone said it under their breath) that  Maggie had a shirt on with a cat on it. I laughed out loud. Please note editorial comments below.....again, pictures do NOT do this justice. This will be annual Reuland Family adventure from this point forward.

1) Maggie's face every time a dog was presented. She also yelled "Doggie".....EVERYTIME

 2) This women kept the comb for her dog's hair ... in her hair.....she would comb the dog, and then tuck it in her hair. I was in awe the first time I saw it....only to observe that this is somewhat standard.

3) My favorite category of dog was the "Herding" category

 4) My favorite dog. Again, the picture doesn't do his fro justice.

5) Maggie walked over to a complete stranger to note the poodles on her vest. 

6) The cat year, it will be doggies.

7) How LONG does it take to do this hair?

7) Best in show....HOLLA

I'll Cuddle

Mark was in Turkmenistan for ten days for work. Last Saturday,  as a special treat, I let the kid watch a 30 minute movie. I picked Peter Rabbit. I then put the kids to bed and went to my office to work on a report. I heard some noise, but thought one of the kids must have gone to the bathroom. I finally finished my report and went upstairs at 11:45. I always go and look at the kids in their rooms before I go to bed. When I got to Henry's he wasn't there. Slight panic. I ran to my room to find him laying in our bed, with this note on his chest.

Frances is Officially a "Ball-er"

As many of you know Frances is sporty spice and has been DYING to play in an organized sport. She attends every game of Henry's with vigor and always plays with the kids afterwards. Without fail, she holds her own with those 2nd graders. The girl has some serious spunk.

Last week she had her first basketball practice. Thankfully, Mark was out of town, so we didn't need to fight over who would get to take her. We even had neighbors offering as they knew it was be Frances-tastic. 

Well, it was just the best. One of those - "I LOVE" being a parent moments. She was so excited, she tried SO hard, and she led the little group of 4 year olds through her gym. Most of them hadn't played basketball or watched a game, so she was just so EXCITED to show them where the free throw and baseline, explain who LaMarcus Aldridge is, and so much more. At the end of practice her coach came over and said "Wow" about three times.

Classic Frances.

I love being this little girls mom.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

This year Mark and I celebrated New Years Eve on the 30th with our dear friends Annemarie and Cristiano - who were in town (they live in Hong Kong). Something about Annemarie brings out the funniest in Mark....and the drinker..... Needless to say, we stayed out a little too late and were feeling the pain with three kids who woke up "bright and early!!!" the next day. Ouch...but worth it.

On the real New Years eve we had friends over who have three children as well and it was blissful chaos. There son is JUST as into sports as Henry and so the night was basically a series of sporting events......with the two older boys.....and Frances.

We decided that 7PM was good time to celebrate New Years so that we could then end the night and get the younger kids to bed. So, Henry did some research and found out that it would be New Years in Nuuk, Greenland at 7PM PT. Awesome. We celebrated. And then......Anna (the mom) and I continued to talk.....sports continued to be played......and the next thing we knew it was 9 PM PT - New Years Eve in New York. Round two.

All in all - a great two nights ringing in the New Year. Only problem....I only got one picture. Oopsies.

Editorial Note

Mark took the lead on posting pictures from our Alaska trip and did a great job at capturing the spirit, energy and love from our time our there. Simply put -- I LOVE my family. I can honestly say that our time together was incredible -- I laughed.... I cried from laughed...I snorted.....and I simply bathed in the love and joy that is in my family and what made it even sweeter is that our children felt the EXACT same way. I adore my sisters and am enamored with their children. I adore my brothers-in-law and feel so fortunate that they are part of our family. And I am so grateful for my parents - who they are today and who they  have been my entire life. MY sister Jenny was an AMAZING host and we started calling their house "Lodge Gingia" has it had EVERYTHING and she was beyond gracious. The gift that Andrew's death has given me and my family is to know that our moments our precious together.  I honestly can't believe I lucked out to get such amazing people to call my family and I am thankful that we were able to spend the holiday together.