Friday, June 22, 2012

A whole new world...

I gave Maggie cow's milk for the first time...I was a bit nervous as the only thing she has ever had is breastmilk....I think she likes it. She cried when I tried to take the sippy cup away. Hilarious.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Marvelous Maggie is One!

My baby is one years old. I can't believe we will never have another baby in our household. I cannot believe she is already one. Wow. 

It is hard to summarize in words how magical I think Maggie is -- she has brought so much joy to our life and to our family. She has playful curiosity, a beautifully strong will, a tenderness and sweetness that I crave when I am away from her, a sparkle in her eye that elicits sheer joy in another, and she is just a wonderful little human being. She is the perfect youngest sibling -- treasuring the love she gets from her siblings...even if it sometimes is too rough...and she has the courage to explore and follow their lead. She is incredibly loving -- always willing to give you a hug or kiss if you ask. 

She makes me smile every day and she makes me thankful for the gift of her life, every single day. 

Maggie -- You Are Marvelous! Happy Birthday!!

Frances's Twins

My dad came over for Maggie's birthday and brought the American Girl doll presents that Grandma let Frances pick out for her birthday. At preschool, Frances's two best friends are boys...and they play "house" a lot...and Frances is the dad...and they are her babies. So, she picked twin boys who looked like them. Hilarious. I also thought it was hilarious to see Frances and her babies and sweet Oscar (Brookie's baby) with my dad...I think Oscar wins the cute contest by far.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

If I didn't think Mark was a pretty phenomenal dad, he proved it in the days leading up to Father"s Day as I had a meeting back east and he took care of all three himself. It was the first time Maggie and I were apart and she had an ear infection, so she woke him up a LOT. When I got back, you could tell the kids had fun with their incredible dad.

We had a nice day. Mark got to sleep in and go for a run and then we had a BBQ with Auntie KK and Grandpa Gordon. YUMMY. We love when Auntie KK cooks. We have a "scoreboard" that we write out the activities for the day and today the kids wanted to write all the great things about dad. So cute. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Party for Frances

You may be catching a slight hint that we are REALLY celebrating Frances's birthday.... a lot. Part of the reason is that I have a business trip on her actual birthday., I took the day off and we had a "girls date". So fun. Then this afternoon we got to go to the bookstore (family tradition) and Henry insisted on using his gift card from his birthday to buy her a book -- I got teary eyed in Powells. We picked up ice cream cake on the way home, but then had a SERIOUS side trip to the pharmacy to get Maggie antibiotics (another ear infection), so her cake melted and became this hilarious pile of ice cream that Frances LOVED.  Martha Stewart I am not. 

Frances's Fourth Birthday Party

Since school gets out this week on Weds, we decided to have Frances's birthday party the Saturday beforehand. This is the first party Frances has ever had and she had a good time. ....a very good time. She loved jumping with her friends and making silly faces the entire afternoon. The party was typical Frances -- dragon and spiderman jumping house, monkey plates and napkins, and "sports cupcakes". The girl cracks me up.  I was too busy having fun myself to take pictures and then poor Maggie had a melt-down at the end because she was so tired. Her preschool friends are so sweet and Dan and Emily made a special trek from another birthday party to make it -- it meant a ton to us.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Preschool Celebration for Frances

Today was Miss Francie's last day of preschool for the year. They did a wonderful job. They had a slideshow of each kid that featured their self portrait (check out Francie's), pictures, and personal stories about the child. I cried with so much pride that I thought my heart might burst with love for my little pistol. Their stories perfectly captured her spirit and her "strong voice". I feel so honored to get to be her parent and SO fortunate that she benefited from her incredible teachers and amazing preschool community. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Field Day

Frances had her first Field Day experience.....which she kept calling "Field Trip Day". Her teachers assigned me to the spot where we had a wiggly snake (jump rope) that the kids had to jump over and then music so that we could have a "dance party". They obviously assigned me there due to my mad dance skills...bring it.

It was a seriously good time.

I can't believe Frances is at the end of her first year of preschool. WHAT?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Frances Birthday Celebration at School

Frances had her birthday celebration at school today because they will already be on summer break on her actual birthday. I picked up Henry from school so he could be a part of it. Her school is so wonderful. 

We started by Henry and I talking about Frances. I told the story about her birth and about how the first thing every said about Frances, will probably be true for her whole life. As Dr. Payne tried to pull her out (and then Frances helped pull herself out with her arm), Dr. Payne held her up and said "Well, you have one healthy and strong little girl". 

We brought a picture board -- on orange paper, Frances's choice -- and then we talked about the fun things we love about her. THEN....everyone in her class talked about what they love about Frances. I have to say, that is when I got emotional. So much of it was about how she loves her family, loves to play family (the daddy and brother role), and how she is so helpful when people are hurt or need a hug. Her teacher said that she adores the way Frances tells a story, especially when she laughs at her own jokes. THEN....she got a "Wish Monster" made especially for her. It was a cheetah (her favorite animal) that played sports (her favorite thing) with a number four. 

She LIT up with joy.....and so did Henry and I.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Janis's Benefit Concert

Janis's choir were part an incredible benefit concert to help raise money for children in West Africa. She was amazing and the choir and the guest musicians were incredibly. The kids were very proud of her and enamored by the fact that their nanny is a ROCK STAR.

Field Trip to Plumper Farm

Henry had his end of the year to Plumper Farm and Maggie and I go to go. In a stellar parenting move on my part, I showed up to chaperone and take kids to the farm......with a gas light on in my car. So, I took the kids on a "fun, secret side trip" to the gas station. The farmers were AMAZING at explaining everything and Maggie sampled all kinds of dirt...much to the dismay of other mothers that I think keep their children cleaner than I.

Papa Retires.....Again

My dad retired......again........let's see if this one sticks. His retirement party was very sentimental and he had obviously touched the lives of many of the staff. It was also classic Peck Family as I spilled water and my parents got in a disagreement about whether my mom "let's my dad" go to Mortons or not. Hilarious. The staff did a slideshow of appreciation for him, complete with sound effects and personalized stories.

Golfing in Manzanita

We went to Manzanita for Memorial was memorable to say the least....five minute out of town, Henry vomited in the car and thus started the Reuland Family Pukefest. On Sunday, after recovering from the mayhem, we went golfing with Papa. HILARIOUS. Henry went through balls like a robot -- the kid LOVES to practice. Frances, on the other hand, threw down the clubs upon not being able to hit the ball and yelled "IT IS NOT WORKING". The kids has fun with Papa and are hoping that now that he officially retired (as of June 1), they will get to do more kinds of things like this with him.