Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mac on Mac Trail

I took the kids to Washington Park to play at the playground and then told them we would go for a hike on the trails. We picked one...and got to the trail see it was call Mac Trial...or Multnomah Athletic Club - MAC trail. It was a sign. 

Mac's First Hike and Janis Playdate

As is very usual for our family, there was no "day at home" for Mac's first day with the family. We had things to do...people to see.... Thankfully, our "thing to do" was to go on a hike with Janis and then have a special lunch at St Honore. Mac loved it, we loved seeing Janis, and it was a blissful day!

Welcome Cormac (Mac) Reuland to the Family

It started with this post.

You see, we most of the family...minus Mark...wanted  a dog. We have been talking about the Swiss Mountain Dog, named Beazus, we would get when we broke down Mark. We planned to go "full court press" in the summer when maggie turned five.

And then I saw this post.

Long story short.....we now have a puppy. Cormac (Mac) Reuland. He was 12 weeks old when we got him and he is pretty darn adorable.

Snow Storm 2016

As folks know...we love a good snow storm. Given our house is above 1000 feet, if there is snow in the city, we get it...and it is fun!!! We had our annual snow storm and got to spend four days at home...while the stress of not going in to work and missing meetings isn't fun...I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the time with the kids and the family and no where to go.