Sunday, December 18, 2016

2016 Mac Holiday Party

We hiked up to the hill and got our car parked where it was safe and made it to the Mac Children's Christmas party. It was usual.. and we had so much fun.

Maggie Our New Reader Girl

Something is snapping for Maggie and she is completely and totally obsessed with trying to read. We  were all going stir crazy and went downtown to the library. F and H wanted to go play mini-golf inside and Maggie and I were not feeling it. So... they went...and we went to a fancy hot chocolate place and read books. Pretty much heaven.

A doozy of a commute

Portland got hit with a snow storm. Trick is that hit hit right when schools were getting out AND when commuters realized it was real and it completely paralyzed the freeways were closed. Mark got stuck downtown, despite trying to get home for 4 hours. Henry's school bus never made it to the middle school, so thankfully he was able to ride a different bus to a friends house and slept there. I have NEVER been so thankful to get  text with a picture of my sweet son ever.

Janis and Her Hopeful Concert

With Frances's tournament only some of us got to go to Janis's annual holiday concert. It was particularly wonderful this year as we got to sit with Agostin, Janis's partner and a lovely and wonderful person, and the concert was full of hopeful music. Exactly what we needed.

Frances Basketball Season at the MAC

Frances made the basketball team at the MAC. They labelled the team 3/4 Mac Girls Team. We found out this week that Frances is the only 3rd grader on her team.

They had their first tournament this weekend. Frances had to make a BIG jump as she hasn't played on a full court, with a full hoop, and with referees...and referees that call things like double dribble or travel. Her team also played in a 5th grade tournament. So.....for the first time ever, Frances look very, very short.

The girl is amazing though. All gut and all grit. She just moved forward, did her best, and learned from her mistakes. Her team is made up of incredibly nice girls who work really hard. The small and mighty is what we will call them :)

Friday, December 9, 2016

Baby Dame

We went on our annual XMas tree hunt. We didn't rained on and we all agreed on the tree...a first! Per tradition, we named the tree...and this year the beauty is called Baby Dame.

Henry even rapped about it!

Mac is Getting in the Holiday Season

Mac the red nosed retriever...had a very jolly holiday!

So far, the tree has been safe. I am shocked...he has not eaten an ornament.....yet.....

Maggie's Class

As Mark was making dinner he noticed Maggie quiet and intently working on a drawing. At the end, this was what she created. Her whole class. I love this.

Henry's Turn At a Blazer Game

Henry got to the Blazer game and had a blast during half time at the Kid Zone.

Kindred Spirit

The older Henry gets the more and more he has so many similarities to my brother. It evokes a complex set of emotions in me. One one hand I experience sadness that my brother has and will never meet Henry as they would have LOVED each other. On the other hand, I feel so grateful and thankful that I get pieces of one of my favorite people in the whole word in my son. Almost like this special gift from my brother.

We were at my parents house recently and my mom pulled out a picture of when Andrew was the same age my Henry. The physical similarities are remarkable.

Post Thanksgiving Day Parade

I have no idea why....but I love the small parade Portland puts on after Thanksgiving. This year most of the house was still sleeping when the parade started, so the girls and I ran down and met Brookie. So much fun...there were even llamas...which I am slightly obsessed with right now. After we went to a really fun pop up park in the North Park Blocks.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

We were so thankful to have Mark's "original' family in town Thanksgiving. I didn't get enough pictures....I need  to work on that!! but it was blast. The girls even did a performance for us at the end. We had to buy tickets. Gordon bought the VIP Experience.

Turkey Day Soccer Bowl

The last few years we have had a tradition of playing a soccer game with the kids in the neighborhood. This year it POURED rain....but the kids still showed up. SO FUN...even though there was a puddle of water on my seat when I got out of the car. I have never been so drenched.