Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bowling Party...6 Year Old Version

As we were planning Henry's party this year, we debated many options. Finally, he decided that he wanted to go bowling again, followed by pizza next door, and he wanted to invite his "classmates" who had never seen it as he thought "they would enjoy it". No joke. Difference from last year...most parents drop off the kids. Thankfully his class is full of supersweet kiddos. He was in heaven....we were a bit tired, but thankful that he has such great kids in his life.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Run for the Arts

Henry's school as a run-a-thon today to raise money to pay art programs at his school. Henry was pumped. When I got home from my morning work out, I walked in surprised to find him up and downstairs at 6:30 am. For a moment I wondered if he woke for the royal wedding?

Then I noticed he was stretching. When I asked what he was up to...he said he was warming up for his Run for the Arts.....which was at 12:30.

I had to go.

He did great -- 17 laps and with the sweat to show it!

Hop Hop Hop

The Easter bunny came to the Reuland house! The kids loved their baskets. Henry got his first Shel Silverstein book (Where the Sidewalk Ends) and is immediately hooked...he has already finished it. Francie loved the candy....and the fun pen.

We got Francie in a dress!!! I bought a polka-dot one and told her it was "balls" and she finally long as she got to wear pants underneath..... and her monkey hat. Compromise.

We had a lovely brunch with the family at Waverly. Afterwards, some older kids shared their kite with Henry and he got to fly it on the golf course...the kid was in heaven.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Being a Blazer Fan Can be Tough

For Henry's birthday Mark got the family tickets to the playoff game. Francie's first time (aside from as a baby) going to a game. They were pumped. Francie has worn her Blazer jersey the last two days. Papa bought them wrist bands, Henry a new shirt, and a special sound effect toy. We got to the game and Francie could barely contain herself...and then they turned out the lights and blasted the music. She promptly ran out. After the lights were back on, we went back and she was hooked. Henry taught her the ropes...throughout the game explaining what was going on and showing her how to chant the Blazer cheers. The game was an EMOTIONAL roller put someone who is 31 weeks preggo into labor - roller coaster. The fans were incredible. We entered the fourth quarter losing by 20...and ended up winning by two. The sound in the stadium was deafening..and at the end too much for Miss Francie who spent the last two minutes with her hands over her head. Numerous fans around us informed me that I now have to consider naming the baby Brandon after Brandon Roy's performance...we will see.

My parents were also at the game....we met up with them afterwards and I went to get a picture, but instead had the camera on video. Not sure if I am sleep deprived and going a little wacky, but I thought this short clip was hysterical. Henry's grandparents are hilarious.

Easter Egg Hunt at the Zoo

We had swim lessons at 10:30, but there is the Easter Egg Hunt at the Zoo that we love. So, we got there right at 9 and were in the first round. We decided to put Francie in the 3-4 year old age group as she looked like a GIANT compared to the 2 and under age group. Henry rocked the 5-6 group. Francie approached it EXACTLY like her brother three years ago. They have the kids all line up and then they do a count down and then say "go" and the kids go wild. Francie was excited in the line up, but then when they said "Go", the chaos of all the kids running at the same time and the pushing and shoving were overwhelming. She sprinted to get three eggs and then ran back hysterically crying and petrified. She was shaking. Lovely experience.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet Six Year Old

Our sweet boy turned six years old. Officially, a number that requires two hands. He had a great birthday...starting off with lots of balloons downstairs. We had a breakfast celebration, at school he got to wear a crown all day, and then birthday dinner at my parents house with Gordon and Gertie. The boy scored....Magic Tree House books, Math books (our son sneaks math workbooks into bed at night....I know...a bit odd), tshirts, corn hole game (yes...the tail gate game...he loves it), golf clubs! and so much more. One of his (and mine) favorite presents was Mark's mom sent a book of riddles that Mark adored when he was Henry's age. So cool. Since they are two peas in a pod, of course Henry LOVES everything about the book that I am sure Mark loved.

I left work early and picked him up from school and we had a solo date. On the way home, I got really teary eyed. Six years ago I could not have imagined that the little baby I was holding in my arms and falling in love with would grow up to be this incredible, thoughtful, smart, funny and kind little boy. We feel so blessed to have him in our life.

Sleepless in Seattle

A while back, we asked Henry what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to Seattle. A big part of it was that Brookie and Josh live there and he loves we started planning. At the same time, one of his other favorites, Auntie KK, wrote that she won a hotel stay in Seattle. Voila! So, this past weekend we all met up in Seattle, including Grandpa Gordon. It was really fun. Katie and her boyfriend Dwayne and their daughter Hazel came and the kids got along awesome. We packed in a lot...and the kids averaged a bed time of 10-11 PM. Rock on. We went on the Ferry (I looked for Dr. McDreamy and he was no bummed), the aquarium (95% of which Henry missed as he crashed in the stroller...hilarious), the Experience Music Project and ate lots of yummy food. We got to stay at Brookie and Josh's house and the kids were able to torment and LOVE their kitty Milo. Overall -- Henry said it was the "perfect present".

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tulip Festival 2011

We finally had amazing weather and it just happened to be on the day we had planned to go the Tulip Festival with our dear friends from Henry's preschool. The kids had a BLAST. We started off being dragged around by a VERY bumpy carriers...and I was pretty much sure I was going to go into labor. We then went and walked through the Tulips...which the kids found not nearly as fascinating as the mud water that they could splash in. Needless to say, they all fell and all were filthy by the end. We had so much fun, we lost track of time and didn't leave until WAY too late as Henry and Trevin were going to the Blazer game with their dads. In full Griswald style, we dropped them off with slightly cleaned up (Henry wearing Trevin's clean shorts with Bogg boots) and 15 minutes late. Mark sent me a text shortly thereafter letting me know that Henry's smelled like cow manure.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun with Francie

I feel like I have been walking around in a bit of a fog since we lost Riley, but thankfully with kids they always make sure that you still have fun.

Francie has been particularly hysterical. This morning she had her first swim lesson, so she got brand new goggles........and then insisted on wearing them all day. Yes...a little a "Benny and Joon"ish...but what the heck. Then this afternoon she was DONE with March Madness. I was giving her options...hike, puzzles, play soccer, and after multiple "NO!", I threw out "Go get mom's nails done" and she jumped up and said "YES!". No joke. She didn't want to get her nails done...but she wanted a girls date. She yelled to Mark "NO BOYS ALLOWED". You tell em Francie. We had fun. She was scared for the first ten minutes but then she warmed up and said "that was fun!" when we left. Who knew?