Sunday, April 30, 2017

Frances's Last Game in Jr Academy

Frances also had her last game with an amazing coach, Facundo. Facundo taught Henry too and is the head of the Jr Academy of the club. He is originally from Argentina and has a smile that goes the width of his face. He does a FANTASTIC job of ensuring the young kids learn important basic skills....and have a lot of fun.  She had a wonderful year with a wonderful group of girls and has made, for the first time in her life, really good girlfriends. For the final game, she went out with bang with having a hat trick (3 goals) in the first seven minutes. She ended with four goals and her team one by seven. Fun end to a fun season.  It was also finally sunny and felt like Spring...well still in the 57-61 temp zone....but according to Maggie...that is ballet leotard weather.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

End of FC Season, Thankful for Great Coaches

Henry has been in the FC Academy Club since third grade. It has been a tremendous experience for him. He has made wonderful friendships, but probably the most impactful part of it has been the amazing coaching he has been able to experience. He has flourished under the structure, sprinkled with a lot of fun. The last two years he has had a particular amazing coach in Chilo. Chilo could be loud and intense and quite pointed in his feedback to Henry that was based in obvious belief in Henry and what Henry could do, and genuine care for Henry has a person and leader of the team. Henry grew an immense amount under Chilo and I will be forever thankful for him. To be honest, I got teary eyed at the of the game. I feel so thankful for the other sweet human beings that dedicate their lives to coaching young souls and who do such an amazing job of it. 

Thorns Game With NE

Frances got three season tickets to the Thorns for Xmas. For the first game, she picked Henry to bring with her. For her second game, she chose her favorite friend from her soccer team. It was so much fun to hear these girls off the field talk to each other. It is such a sweet relationship and super cute that is started with a shared love of soccer.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our First Born Baby is a Dozen

Henry turned 12. WHAT ?!?!?!?! We have been parents for a dozen years. Wow. This is the first bday we went big with having a big sleepover. 8 12-year old boys and our girls. We played at the house and then went to TopGolf and then were going to come back to our house...but we had no power.....and my parents were out of we took the party there. I am 41 and I threw a party at my parents house when they were out of town. Hilarious.

It was SO much fun. He has an incredible group of young men as friends. Each is so smart and articulate and fun living. There is so much diversity in his group, which I love. The boys were also super sweet to the girls. Frances wanted to tag along to play all the sports....and Maggie...well, I think she has a crush on a couple of the boys. Lord help me.

Kinder Poster

All three kids have had the same teacher. One of my favorite things she does is ask them to describe three different phases of their life and what they can and can't do.... as babies, now in kinder, and when they are twenty. So funny.

As a baby, she could drink milk, but not go on a golf cart.

At five, she can swim and she can't whistle.

Apparently, at 20, Maggie will be a Vet and have kids.

Fun Run 2017

Frances and Maggie got to be participate in their schools Fun Run to raise money for arts. This was Maggie's first time. It was SO fun to see how excited she was. We had a great sunny day...the first in a long time...which helped to lift everyone's mood.

Easter 2017

We had a wonderful Easter with our tradition of mass at Cathedral and then brunch with my parents and Gordon. The tulips this year are so pretty. Maggie and Frances were VERY excited to have matching dresses.

Ultimate Soccer Weekend

We had a glorious....finally spring day....that was packed with FUN. We had Oskie's bday, the Thorns Home Opener at noon (Frances got season tickets from Santa), interviewed a summer nanny, and then a Timbers game at night. Yee haw! So. Much. Fun.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The difference of three years

If I needed proof that time is moving to fast...this is the difference of just three years....

Worlie Cousins

For the last part of our trip we got to stay with the Worlies. We saw them at the beginning and went to a game of Jacks. It was a breezy night, in the 60s...and they had wool hats and a heater. HILARIOUS.  We were able to see another baseball game of Jacks and have two family dinners with them. We adore their family and our kids are like cousins to each other - they always pick up exactly where they left off.  There is something so cool about our kids playing together when I have known their mothers and their grandmother my entire life.