Saturday, September 24, 2016

Maggie's Turn at FPE Soccer

Maggie finally got her shot at FPE Soccer. She has two sets of hand me down jerseys from Henry and Frances that she has saved ALL summer long and could not wait to wear.

There are SO MANY girls her age that signed up for soccer. Over 40. Her coach is doing a PHENOMENAL job of making it fun and entertaining,

Middle School

Henry is THRIVING in middle school. He absolutely loves the size and getting to meet a bunch of new kids, he loves having six different teachers and the pace of moving from class to class, and he LOVES his art class.

So proud and happy for him.

I love this science project on experimental design -- of course it had to round back to a sport.

NYC Girls Trip

My girlfriends from college get together every Fall and I often can't make it. This year they picked NYC and this year I decided I had to make it happen. I am SO THRILLED I did. I got there Thursday night and got to have dinner with my dear friend Josh and his new wife - who I adore! Friday am I got to run in Central Park (one of my favorite things in the whole world) and then the weekend of my college girl friends kicked off. I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those women. They are smart, witty, thoughtful and just amazing. When we got back one my girlfriends sent this article and it so resonated with what the weekend was for me:

I am so thankful that I was able to go and that my incredible husband was easily able to handle three kids in soccer season and a 10 month old puppy with grace and even had the house clean when I got back. I am also thankful for the amazing support of my parents and Gordon to help babysit and make it possible.

Thorns Night

At the school auction last year I bought Thorns Package. We have become huge Thorns fans this season. They are SO much fun and Frances and I are OBSESSED with Tobin Heath. Amazingly, the game I picked was against Houston - for which Carli Lloyd plays. Houston got killed and Carli was NOT happy. I thought she was walking off the field, but instead she went up into the stands and signed every autograph and posed for every picture. It is obvious she knows she is an ambassador for the sport and for girls and I was just SO impressed. To say the kids were over the moon is an understatement.

FPE Back to School Night

We had back to school night for the girls. I really like Frances's teacher - a male with a sweet soul and kind temperament. He is having a baby and showing a wonderful example to the kids in taking paternity leave in October and again in March when his partner goes back to work. Thankfully his sub is another teacher I ...and Frances....ADORE!

Maggie's back to school was SO Maggie with her drawings.

The teacher told me "your kids and how they learn are SO different -- like completely and totally different people.", I agree...and I LOVE that.

Bus Ride Bliss

One of the things the girls have been really looking forward to is being able to ride the bus together. It honestly was too cute.

Monday, September 5, 2016

2016 Labor Day

We had a lovely Labor Day at the beach. PERFECT weather and my parents were there. After not seeing them for a month (they were in Argentina, Brazil - for the Olympics- and Peru). We even got to see Brookie and the boys. Heaven. It was really, really hard to leave. We biked a lot and the boys golfed a lot. My parents brought presents from the Olympics -- including a soccer ball. Kids =  Super in Heaven. 

9/3 was also the anniversary of Mark and I dating. Feels like a LONG time ago on one hand, and not that long on the other hand. Who knew the journey we would be on now....

Where Reuland.....

FPE had their first assembly and the Principal posted a picture. See if you can find the two Reulands -- Maggie and Frances. 

Maggie's 1st Day

Maggie is in grade school. I feel like I have to repeat it about ten times so that I believe it. What. Is. Happening. She has the same teacher as Henry and Frances for Kinder - so that helps. That said, she really doesn't know Henry did...which is a little tricky as she knows kids in the other kinder classes. That said, she was SO excited and so eager to get there. She got her brand new backpack...with dogs on it...and pink...of course...and off she went. She got right in line, got into the class...and then nervousness hit. All the parents in the room, the size of the class, kids she didn't know. I could tell she was about to cry, but she kept it together. I left...and I kept it together....until I got home to Henry...I started telling him...and promptly lost it crying.  He had to console me. My mom came with me to pick up and Maggie was ALL SMILES and loved her first day. She even got to see a dog at the end of the the school!!