Sunday, November 9, 2014

Feeling Blessed and Thankful

This weekend was Henry's last tournament for soccer. While he loved it the entire time, it was an adjustment for our family and particularly for me. There are some REALLY intense parents. That said, Henry THRIVED and grew immensely. He loves his coaches (we do too- so thoughtful, calm and great educators that care about character). The team evolved over time, but the team at the end of the season is comprised of some really incredibly boys. Thankfully, we really, really enjoyed all the parents that were part of that team. I have to say, the club soccer experience has ended up being a wonderful thing. The coaches are superb, the players hardworking, and the parents for our team are thoughtful, caring and supportive.  We have grown quite close to another family from Ireland who has four kids - three girls who ended up being Frances and Maggie's play buddies during the game. The girls are 8, 6, and 3 - and another sibling to another player is 7 -and together they formed a wonderful "gang of fun" that laughed the entire game. This weekend we learned that the 3 year old - Maggie's age - has Leukemia and is currently "in the fight".  To say the least, it took the breath of of my lungs. Every moment is a blessing - even the tough ones. My favorite part of every game is the end. Every time, Maggie runs out to the middle of the field and Henry picks her up, kisses her, and carries her to the other side of the field. Nothing is better than siblings. Nothing. The boys ended up getting 2nd in the tournament this weekend. So proud of them and their work ethic. A pretty special experience. 

Wow Fall

Friday I ran in DC, Saturday I ran in Portland. Two different settings. Both amazing.