Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thorns Game with Selfies

Two weeks ago the Thorns had an event for season ticket holders to tour at the arena. At that event they had a raffle to win a "autograph" session with the players. We won...three tickets.... and Mark was out of town.  So, I bought a general admission ticket for Maggie, we watched the amazing game, and then I let the kids go down to the field by themselves and bring my phone. What followed.... a selfie contest with some of the best players in the world. So. Fun.

Timbers Game

The epic game of the Timbers vs Seattle was Sunday. With the game delayed due to heat, we got to go still as it no longer conflicted with Frances's game. HOLY HOT. As a hard core fan, I still wore my scarf...but man was I dying. Henry got to go with his new teammate and coaches son. It is very sweet the relationship he is developing with his coach, a fantastic human, outside of soccer. The girls, on the otherhand, got to have a "sleepover" with everyone was VERY happy.

My Grit Girl

Frances had her first tournament with her competitive team for this tournament. It was over 100 degrees every day. OUCH. I had to work a lot in between game...on a final a mini-van....but decided I couldn't feel sorry for daughter was running in it. Her team did fantastic and she was awesome. She is such a great teammate, she listens to her coach and she always does her best. And she fricken endured the over 100 degree heat...which we were all dying with on the sideline! They won the tournament and Frances had 13 goals with a hat trick in the final.

Yoga Mamas

In November I cashed in a month of free yoga that I had bought at a school auction in an effort to try and force myself to do something different from running. I slightly dreaded it. And then I went...and got hooked. I love the yoga studio I go to, I love the instructors, and I love that most of the people are young people who live in the pearl and who do NOT live the life I live with three kids (which I love, but it is good to diversify the people you are around). It is nice to be in a different element. My dear friend Lesley has started going with me every Sat am that we can go to the class and teacher we adore. This Sat they had an event of rooftop yoga, followed by beer.... HELLO! So, even thought it was 100 degrees, we went. It was SO MUCH fun and then I got two hours to just drink beer and talk with Lesley. We also were likely the only mamas in our 40s there....which felt even more rock star to me then I thought it would.....Who knew this would be a chapter in my life?

4th Time... A Charm?

Poor sweet Maggie inherited in her mom's ears. After being convinced she couldn't hear...despite a passed test at school.....I took her to the ENT...and she couldn't hear. Like clockwork, the tubes fell out and her ears are clogged.So...tubes for the 4th time. We made it a SUPER fun Mama and Maggie day with presents in the am and promise of awesome lunch after. The surgery was delayed and a FANTASTIC person in the pre-op area figured out Maggie wanted to be a vet and helped get stuff to set up a vet clinic...complete with a stuffed animal. After we went to Elephants on got a bacon cheeseburger...but first....a chocolate cake while they grilled it. Sad to say, it was so much fun to have so much time with my girl. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thorns Locker Room Tour

As season ticket holders to the Thorns, we got to enter to have a tour of the stadium and lockeroom. UM YES!! Frances and Henry LOVED seeing the different lockers and who had the most shoes. They are so lucky and they don't even know it.

Maggie is Two Hands!

Maggie is 6!! she will tell you...she is officially a "grader...a 1st grader".

Her bday was at Soccer in the Sand again this year.

She woke up to lots of presents, including a Doc McStuffins outfit, since she wants to be a doggie doctor. She promptly put it on....and the proceeding to do exams on all the dogs at the beach. HILARIOUS.

Maggie continues to amaze me. She is articulate and loving, she is smart and kind, she has an uncanny ability to get people to adore her and to draw them in, she is expressive and animated, and she is just a wonderful kid to be around. She handles being the third child with a lot of grace for a six year old. Simply put- I do adore her so. 

When we got home, we quickly ran to the store, made dinner, and had a combo Maggie Bday and Fathers Day dinner. 

Also, since it is Fathers Day....I must add how much I love this pic.

Mark is just an amazing and incredible dad. I couldn't ask for a better partner in raising three children and a dog. He is patient, kind, funny, thoughtful, shares the load 50/50, and still makes me feel like I hit the jackpot for a partner.

Soccer in the Sand

Soccer in the Sand is our FAVORITE tournament. The difference of the game, the fun players, the comraderie of the parents, the nighttime bonfires....all of it is so much fun.

This year Frances played with her club team. They decided to play up, so some of the girls were three years older...HOLY MOLY that is so much taller. They made it to the finals and lost to a good team.

Henry's team was going for the third year in a row as a the champions and they got it. It was a big year and it is likely that the team will shift next year. SO. MUCH. FUN.