Sunday, June 9, 2013

And HE is up!

Poor Henry, the first child....we went about teaching him to ride a bike the WRONG way. He fell, and vowed to never try again. Over the years we have tried to "bait" him into having another go and his response was always "it is not my sport". I tried to explain that biking was not a sport, it was a mode of transportation. Not having it. Until...............Miss Frances rode a bike last week. Well, last night he spent the night "scooting" and today he achieved a big goal. I was so proud of him. He fell, and got right back up. He went into bushes and brushed off the dust. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh the Places You'll Go.....

Frances had her last day at her magical preschool. As soon as I walked in the classroom another dad (who had a son in Henry's preschool class) handed me a tissue. "I have seen you every year, and every year you cry throughout the whole thing". This is true. Amazing what pride and joy can do to the tear ducts.  At Frances's school the teachers write a beautiful message for each kid and then have them come up and they read it. I cry every time....for each kid. I am so proud of the human being that Frances is and is becoming. I am honored to be her mother and feel so very blessed to get ride on this journey of parenting with her in the car seat. In preparing for the emotional day, another mom and I decided that we were REALLY funny and wore the the same dress (different color), Maggie and her daughter wore the same dress, Frances and her daughter wore the same shoes. We thought it was hilarious....the other preschool parents...not so sure.

Field Day for Frances

The end of the school year means FIELD DAY! This year we got amazing weather and it was blissful...for Frances and us. Maggie super enjoyed the big day it involved sugar. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prefontaine Classic

I grew up in a family that LOVED track and field. My sister was an avid runner and was in many state meets that were held on the University of Oregon campus. Whenever we went, we always stayed at the River Valley Hotel and I have such fond memories of it there.

Last summer my parents went to the Olympics and ended up becoming good friends with a Matt Centrowitz. Matt trains here in Portland with Alberto Salazar. We have met him a couple of times and he was gracious enough to offer tickets to the Prefontaine Classic. um......YES!

We decided to make it a family vacation to Eugene. SO MUCH FUN. 

When we got to the hotel all of the international athletes were there, many of whom Henry and I recognized from the Olympics. I was starstruck and Frances and Henry's eyes were HUGE watching them. It was 75 and perfect so we walked to the stadium along a beautiful river path. A little too long for the kids, but so pretty. IT was exactly what my dad used to make me do as a kid -- and I think remember complaining too. I am becoming my father.

We finally got to famous track field and the seats were SO great. Third row in the middle.  The best part was that we were with all the family and friends of the runners. Talk about emotional! I got teary eyed and a huge lump in my throat everytime a parent's kid was up. The kids got to go down and "high five" the winners as they made their victory lap- definitely a highlight for them,
The competition was insane. Lots of world records broken. The most emotional was Mary Cain broke the high school record of beating 2 min in the 800. She is so adorable. 

The kids had a great time.....well Maggie liked it, and then endured.
We then had a wonderful evening (tested out Falling Sky Brewery...yummy!) and Sunday am in Eugene. Henry befriended four adorable girls at the pool (is he flirting already?) and we found an awesome park. Eugene is definitely a great city for kids, especially when sunny.  The last picture was run from my run this morning (the clouds broke and it got sunny by the time we went outside). 

And she is up!!!!!!!!

One drawback to our house is that while we have a great, flat backyard, we live on a hill..a steep hill. It gives us great views....but sucky terrain for learning to ride a bike. So - our kids are a bit delayed. Last weekend we took the bikes to Manzinita and took off the pedals (we had tried other attempts at other strategies...and failed). Frances spent the entire weekend scooting around. This weekend we brought Frances's bike as our hotel was on a bike path. No joke, we put the pedals on, and she biked. Not even a hiccup. She is HOOKED. She loved it. She wants to move to Eugene so that she can have a bike path. Such a wonderful milestone for her. 

Petting Zoo

I have something to disclose. I hate petting zoos. I think they are super gross ... and for the most part, I don't let the kids go near them. That said, sweet Maggie is SUCH an animal-oholic that I couldn't resist letting her go in the petting zoo at Henry's school carnival. 

Frances's Fifth Birthday Celebration!

Since Frances turns five after school gets out, we had her birthday celebration a little early.  Birthday celebrations at her school are so fun because they start out asking the kids what they "notice and observe" about Frances and then write it out on a poster. Above is a picture. My favorite comment was "she is flexible". Love that. Then, the teacher's make each kid a "wish monster" that will eat up all the wishes that their classmates have for them. So precious. The wish monster got a BIG helping of "I wish we could have a playdate" from nearly every kiddo.