Friday, April 7, 2017

La Jolla and North Park and Pt Loma

This trip to San Diego we explore lots of fun places.

We went to La Jolla. As a kid, we spent a lot of time there. We lived in a house there one summer before we moved to Solana Beach and my dad had an uncle who had a house there that we visited a lot. We spent every Thursday night in the summer there, when we lived in San Diego, for big barbecue party of all the cousins. I loved showed the kids all the places Andrew and I used to go and it brought back super fun memories of being with my brother, and it was especially touching to see my kids playing in the same spots. We got to see tons of baby sea lions and seals...SO CUTE.

We also went to North Park to explore a new brewery....while watching a March Madness game on our IPADS...catching a theme...... Super cute area and always fun to explore. On our walk Frances noted "so many people smoke here".I actually think it is just more young people who were having a "Sunday Funday" with lots of boozy brunch leading to other vices....:)

When also ventured to Pt Loma, which is gorgeous and was surreal. I have VERY vivid memories of a high school basketball game there.... wacky....

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