Saturday, April 29, 2017

End of FC Season, Thankful for Great Coaches

Henry has been in the FC Academy Club since third grade. It has been a tremendous experience for him. He has made wonderful friendships, but probably the most impactful part of it has been the amazing coaching he has been able to experience. He has flourished under the structure, sprinkled with a lot of fun. The last two years he has had a particular amazing coach in Chilo. Chilo could be loud and intense and quite pointed in his feedback to Henry that was based in obvious belief in Henry and what Henry could do, and genuine care for Henry has a person and leader of the team. Henry grew an immense amount under Chilo and I will be forever thankful for him. To be honest, I got teary eyed at the of the game. I feel so thankful for the other sweet human beings that dedicate their lives to coaching young souls and who do such an amazing job of it. 

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