Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 1 Vacation - Swim. Watch Basketball, Swim, Watch Basketball, Repeat

We headed to San Diego for Spring Break. Normally we stay in my mom's apartment, but she had a water break two weeks ago and it is not livable. BOO. Thankfully our amazing cousins offered for us to stay in their house. They were gone at March Madness with my dad in Kansas City. They have a pool, lots of sporting equipment, and a TV to watch March Madness. I mean really...what more do you need?

To be honest and direct, what the Reuland Family loves the most about Spring Break is being together and having a very loose schedule. As Frances said on the plane ride home "I just love eating every meal together and getting to play". Heart Melt.

The first day Maggie woke me up at 7am to swim in the pool. While the rest of San Diego considered it a "very chilly day" and was wearing jeans and sweatshirts, Maggie was in the pool before 8.

During one of games in the afternoon, I snuck off to get my nails done and to work on the grant. I told myself it didn't really suck to work on vacation if I was getting my nails done...and it kind of worked :)

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