Friday, April 7, 2017

CA Adventure

Given Maggie was only two when we went to Disneyland last, we decided to make the trek. I am not a big Disney person, and I drag my feet planning it, spending all that money, and making it part of a trip.

That said, from minute one, it was magical. We all had so much fun and Maggie was just in joyous awe the entire time. She did not stop smiling and she walked the WHOLE way. She went from 9am to 10PM straight.

Mark did a lot of rides with the older two, while I went with Maggie on things she would love. That said, Maggie is WAY more daring than Henry, so we saved some of the "scary" rides for afternoons and we would go with the girls or Henry would decide to work through it to not be shown up by his five year old sister.

We saw lots of Oregon people there, many wearing shirts given UofO was doing awesome in March Madness. We OR folk stuck out....very, very, very white legs and arms and HUGE smiling faces with the 80 degree weather.

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