Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marvelous Maggie is Three

Maggie is three!!! I honestly can't believe my youngest is three whole years old -- seems highly unbelievable. She continues to stun, amaze, and delight our family. She wanted all "princess" party...which was something new to me...and it took a whole lot of getting used to. We were at friends house until 11:30 the night before (yes....winning the parenting award...the problem when you are friends with amazing families who have amazing kids that entertain your kids) so when Maggie woke up her hair was everywhere and she was a bit out of sorts. When I got home from work however, she had rallied and was wearing her princess dress. Dear lord. She a wonderful dinner with my mom, Grandpa Gordon, Aunt Brookie, Judy (Brooke's mother in law), and BEST OF ALL - her BEST FRIEND....Oskie. Heaven.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day

For Fathers day we let Mark sleep in (really...must one need more when they have three kids?), made him banana bread, and then he went golfing with his dad and Henry. That night we had a lovely steak dinner. Henry made father's day cards that included riddles and mind tests...I think he wants to make sure they are staying nimble :).  I feel very, very, very fortunate for our children that they have WONDERFUL role models of what it means to be a dad in my father, Mark's dad and in Mark. They have no idea that they are getting the best of the best.

Super at Six

Frances turned six on Saturday and luckily she also got to have her party on the SAME day. She had a lovely party that was 100% her...blow up inflatables and sports. All the decorations were sports themed. She invited her entire class, her best preschool friends, our dear friends who are like cousins to her, and then five boys from the other preschool class that she plays soccer with. This will sound cheesy and I have said it before, but I honestly cannot believe I get to be her mom. She stuns me daily with her zest for life, her compassion, her athletic ability, her kindness and her humor. I ADORE THIS LITTLE GIRL...who is getting to be NOT so little. Of course, I completely forgot my camera  for her party with her friends- so these pictures are all that we have. Thankfully, she has an incredible memory, so she can tell us all about it!

Friday, June 13, 2014

See Ya Later Kinder and 3rd Grade

Nothing but up for these two....and I could NOT be prouder.

End of Music Era

I started taking Henry to music class when he was 6 months old. Yes, 6 months old. He could sit up, I read all this literature on music and brain development, and I was in there. Yes - I was a little over the top. That said, he and I loved it. Now, 8.5 years later all three kids have taken three years of music class. In the last three years we have had a wonderful teacher - Maggie - who I adore. In fact, I knew Maggie before we named our Maggie and her light and awesomeness definitely made the name appealing. That said, I am remarkably sad that the chapter of music class has ended. PRESS PAUSE PLEASE.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Authors Celebration

Parenting is such an amazing and humbling experience. I literally could not have imagined it would be possible to feel so much pride and joy for another person.  Today was Frances's author celebration where the kids are able to share the progression of their story and poetry writing over the year. The progress that Frances has made is INCREDIBLE and most importantly the JOY and love of learning that she possesses is truly magical. I am so proud of her. So proud that I which she said "Oh dear mom, are you doing that crying thing again because you love me so much." Yup. Equally cool was that Henry got to come and celebrate her too. I think he was beaming just as much as me.  She also got to show us the tile that her and the rest of the kinders made for a really cool house of tiles for the playground. So awesome. 

Field Day

This year I decided to skip music class with Maggie and go to Field Day during Frances's class time -- SO WORTH IT. As you can imagine, she took on each activity with gusto and my cheeks literally hurt when I got in the car from smiling. The energy in that lovely child is contagious. Maggie had a great time too - she made a friend and they created their own field games jumping like a frog, floating like a princess, etc.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Andrew's Award at Sunset

Every year my parents give a scholarship to a senior on the basketball team at Andrew's old high school. We go and watch the team and pick a kid who as the character of Andrew. This years team was REALLY fun to watch, so we went to a lot of games, and Henry got hooked! He loved them too. We ended up picking two kids. One of the kids ended up being an all star at a camp that Henry went to he was chosen to do one-on-one time with Henry -- small world. Tonight was the awards and Henry asked if he could come. He LOVED watching all the awards and was SO excited to come on stage with me and hand the checks to these boys that he looked up to and respected. He handled it with such pride and charisma -- not gonna lie - a tear jerker moment. He also was cataloging all the awards he wanted to get one day.....Math Department Award....Best Athlete..... Oh dear......

Portland Bridges

The PPS curriculum has this AWESOME track where the kids study all the city monuments and bridges and then get to make one for a homework project. As you can imagine, Mark ALSO got very very excited about this.  Henry and Mark worked so well together and they did a great job. I dropped the kids off at school the morning they were due and it is incredible the creativity that exists at the school. All sorts of mediums were used to great the bridges. SO COOL.

End of Era..Beginning of a New Chapter

We have been SO BLESSED to have had the same nanny for the entire life of our children. Janis started when Henry was five months old and has been with us ever since. I didn't know how lucky and fortunate I was to have received this GIFT of Janis without much work or searching on my part...until having to find a new person and fill her BIG shoes.   Janis has been a constant in my children's life and frankly in mine. She is someone I bounced ideas off and constantly asked for input and guidance. Her wisdom, thoughtfulness, compassion, and integrity I knew I could count on and there was NEVER a doubt about her unconditional love for our children. Janis turns 60 today and so she wanted to retire (from this job) and enjoy the good life. I am so thrilled for her....and sad for us...but thankfully know that she is FOREVER going to be in our life and she is part of our family. After I completely lost it and cried hysterically when she left I realized that I will NOT handle members of our family leaving the home (aka college) well. Prepare myself now.