Thursday, June 29, 2017

4th Time... A Charm?

Poor sweet Maggie inherited in her mom's ears. After being convinced she couldn't hear...despite a passed test at school.....I took her to the ENT...and she couldn't hear. Like clockwork, the tubes fell out and her ears are clogged.So...tubes for the 4th time. We made it a SUPER fun Mama and Maggie day with presents in the am and promise of awesome lunch after. The surgery was delayed and a FANTASTIC person in the pre-op area figured out Maggie wanted to be a vet and helped get stuff to set up a vet clinic...complete with a stuffed animal. After we went to Elephants on got a bacon cheeseburger...but first....a chocolate cake while they grilled it. Sad to say, it was so much fun to have so much time with my girl. 

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