Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last Weekend of Summer Debauchery

We spent Labor Day in Magical Manzanita. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO sad summer is ending and the kids are going back to school. We had a great summer and great times together and it feels like school get them back again. BOO!

That said, the weekend was awesome. Christian was still with us.My mom and dad were in town! I took the kids on an "adventure" at hug point....during which we got pelted with I had to promise hot chocolates...but by afternoon it was in the 70s and the kids were boogie boarding. Frances lost a tooth...and is now an ADORABLE smiling girl with her "two front teeth" missing and one of her BFFs from school came down for the day. Tada!

We have WONDERFUL new neighbors at the beach and the girls did a play for the parents - hilarious.

Overall - just a wonderful end to a wonderful summer.

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