Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bridge of the Goddess

Bridge of the Gods is one my favorite places on earth. I find it magical. I had wanted to have our wedding out there - but then the drive back to Portland and people drinking and driving scared me. That said - when Run Paula Run said they were going to do a run there, I was ALL in. I trained, but then got pneumonia - which slightly kicked my ass. In Hood River my sister and I had a INCREDIBLE and awesome long run and during which she mentioned how hilly the race must be...oh yes...should probably check the course. Oh nelly.  All I could think about was how much fun the long run had been with my sister, how the miles flew by, and how I wish we could do it together - but she didn't think she could swing flying back in town. Fast forward to Thursday - two days before the race - and my sister calls to say that she is flying down from Alaska to get a dog and wants to run. YAHOO!. TOP TEN RACE! Great weather, gorgeous course, and my sister there! The cherry on top was my dad was our cheerleader. Running Heaven. 

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