Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dog Show......and School Buses

As you may recall, last year I made a VERY last minute decision to go to the dog show. Since we were so late last year, we pulled up and parked in front and I took the kids in what they were wearing to see the last "Best in Show" presentation....only to realize that Maggie had a shirt with a cat on it. BIG DOG SHOW NO, NO!. This year, we went during the regular hours, Mark was with us, and all the kids had clothing with a dog on it. It was AWESOME and hilarious. The kids LOVED seeing the dogs and I loved soaking in the whole atmosphere - the exhibitor stands are AMAZING -- as in, holy cow, someone makes that (DO not miss reading the details of the dog walking jacket above....I mean amazing...a special pocket for the dog poop bags, a clip for the leash...and so much more). This year we had to park in the spectator parking and take a school bus. Not gonna lie to you, even with how much she LOVES dogs, I honestly think taking the school bus  - like a big girl - was Maggie's FAVORITE part. Mark said he is had his fill of dog show for a couple of years, so it looks like it will be back to me and the kiddos next year. 

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