Saturday, January 4, 2014

Family Play Date

The weather forecast was for sun and for the first time in a LONG time we had nothing to do all day until the evening. WHAT? Free time? What is that?

We decided to take the kids on a bike ride on the Vernonia-Banks trail. MAGICAL. Really cold - but awesome. At one point we went up a dirt trail and hiked a mile to the summit for the view point. I felt very Jim Peck -- I kept telling the kids it was around the corner...and then another corner would appear. Overall, they did great - with minimal whining. Frances only gave me a heart attack once on her bike, when she chose to ride (not walk) her bike down the muddle hill and she couldn't get slippery feet on the pedals to break. HEART ATTACK. Mark caught her at the last minute.

After the bike ride and hike we had to end it in true healthy fashion -- at Helvetia Tavern with a burger and fries. Again, I am Jim Peck's daughter.

I now get why my dad wanted us to hike so much with him. There is a magical thing that happens when you are just walking with your kids in the middle of nowhere. Henry held my hand and giggled at stories. Frances puffed with pride when she hit the top of the hill. Maggie loved her snacks on the bench with her siblings.  I get it now Dad.

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